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Furniture WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Your house remains incomplete without good furniture that suits the overall decor of the place.
It may be hard to believe but finding good furniture has become extremely hard as it is impossible to speculate on the quality of the product.

People usually trust physical stores that sell furniture but it is easy to get fooled there too. You shouldn’t let yourself be fooled by the outward look of the furniture as it is not a testimonial of its quality.

Whatever can be sold offline can be sold online too, which is why many businesses are creating online stores using WordPress. The CMS is a good option because with a great theme and plugins, you can create a robust store.

Select a furniture WooCommerce WordPress theme of your choice and start editing it with elementor. Once you think you have added all the features and elements then you can publish your site. Host your website with a WordPress-recommended hosting service.

The furniture store theme reminds one of the elegance of a luxurious furniture store. The menu section helps you navigate the site and check the blog, contact us section, and about us. On the right-hand side, you can add elements like user account, cart, search bar, etc.

A website needs to display the type of furniture they sell with the help of HD images. This should be enough to keep the site visitors interested and they will scroll to check more details.

It is important to be transparent with your customers about the values of your store. The problem is when you are talking to the customer you can do this easily but with an online presence it becomes a difficult task.

It is important to push products that are already doing well with your current customers because the chances that they will satisfy the new customers increase.

A lot of stores highlight the current trending deals with banners but this is where a website gets the advantage. You don’t have to waste any physical space just use the site to display all details of the latest deals. Don’t forget to mention the discount rate and the product.

This furniture WooCommerce WordPress theme provides you the space to add HD images of your products to attract customers. You can always use the stock images that they provide but using your own images will be beneficial. This theme comes with a lot of empty space which you can fill with a bit of text. You can write about the value proposition of your store. One of the sections of the site design allows you to publish products that are doing well or belong to a well-known brand. This attracts more eyes to these products and increases sales. In the next section, you can highlight the current deal of the day with all the information.

One of the advantages that a physical store has over an online furniture store is that your salespeople can provide the customer with a full experience. You can even the odds by adding HD videos of your products to your site.

There are a lot of different product categories when it comes to buying furniture. You should highlight all of them on your website so that users are not confused.

One thing that puts your online furniture store at an advantage is that you can display multiple testimonials from your consumers. If you get enough positive testimonials then you can use them to build your brand’s authority. People will trust your brand when they see the reviews on the site and will not hesitate before making a purchase.

Your salespeople can forget things and it is possible that they will not be able to highlight every benefit of making a purchase with your store. However, when it comes to running an online store it becomes extremely easy to please the customer. You just have to think about the different benefits that you are offering your customers and highlight them. Now your customers have all the details to make an informed purchase.

The furniture WooCommerce WordPress theme allows you to add HD videos of your store and products. You can give the users the experience that they are in your store and have seen the product. Adding these amazing HD videos will not slow down your site if you manage them effectively. Now add the aesthetics of your offline store to the online one! Furniture is a broad term. It is possible that you have multiple product categories like sofa, table, chair, and more.

This theme gives you the space to display your best collections. If you have a sofa collection that is doing extremely well in the market then you can display it using this site design. Win the trust of potential customers using the customer testimonials section. This is a feature that gives your online store an advantage. You can add multiple testimonials and impress the prospects. Soon they will have no doubts in your online brand! Add the extra benefits that your online store offers like free shipping, returns, secure payment, and guarantee. You can add them using animated elements that communicate the necessary message.

It is your job to ensure that the users have the smoothest experience. You have to enlighten them about your brand and then convince them to make a purchase.

A website can do this as it has a lot of space that can be filled with educational sections. You have the power to edit your website with Elementor. Take your time to figure out which user journey is going to work best for your brand. If you ever have to make any small edits then you can always use Elementor.

You should keep a lot of empty spaces on your website because that will make the message more clear. These empty spaces can be filled with transparent product images, animated elements, and text. Even after all of this you should keep the background a bit empty so that your website does not appear to be cluttered.

Make sure to properly integrate WooCommerce with your WordPress site. Always keep the WooCommerce database active. Whenever you are adding new products to your online store don’t forget to add them through WooCommerce. Your site has a search bar but users will only be able to find a product if it is properly added to the database. One piece of advice is that while plugins improve your site’s functionality they can also slow down your site. That’s why you should only add a few essential plugins which are necessary for the functionality of your site.

E-commerce businesses often overlook one factor when it comes to building an online store. Most of them forget to add a blog to their site. You can definitely make a site where you just add products and sell them. However, you need educational content on your website to rank well on Google. Be ahead of the competition by using the article section of the furniture store theme. You can keep adding educational blogs which help you convince prospects in the long term.

The article section of this theme helps you win customers and rank on Google. It has two pros and almost no cons. The site design allows you to display the three recent blogs on your website. However, once the user clicks on one blog they can visit the entire blog section where they can read up old articles too. It is important to be consistent with your content marketing game and sometimes you can benefit by updating your old blogs. Add the Yoast SEO plugin to check if your blogs are search-engine friendly or not. This plugin will help you write an SEO-friendly blog from scratch. It will give you hints to improve your blog and add the necessary keywords.

Customer service is the key to retaining your customers when it comes to the furniture business.
You need to help your customers when they have a problem but it will be beneficial to inform them about your company policies.

It is easier to do so when you have a physical store because you can hand them a pamphlet with all the details. However, your website can now include these details.

Your customer needs information like delivery details, warranty policy, returns policy, refund policy, shipping details, and guarantee plan.

A prospect will be unwilling to make a purchase without reading through these details. The shipping and returns policy cover details like the shipping costs and whether the company accepts returns or not. The guarantee plan communicates a deadline by which the company can guarantee a return. Shipping plan and delivery details cover information like costs, shipping method, and turnaround time for the same.

Use the footer section of this furniture WooCommerce WordPress theme to add all the important information like delivery details, guarantee plan, shipping information, return policy, and others. You can also add links to other policies like privacy policy which is important if you are conducting an online business.

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Also Included with Furniture WooCommerce WordPress Theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
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  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare