Terms and Conditions

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By accessing this website and using our themes you agree to the following Terms and Conditions by default:

Minimum Requirements

All of our WordPress themes and plugins cater to minimum requirements of WordPress as given in this link: https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ If your hosting does not meet the WordPress requirements, our themes and plugins may also not have the desired functionality.


Pricing of the theme may vary from time to time and will be charged as per actual price on the day of the purchase.

Purchase of a theme is annual payment. You can choose to buy lifetime package in order to avoid renewals.

Theme continues to work fine even if you don’t pay for the yearly support and updates.

For all themes package it renews at $69 for support as well as updates and access to new themes after a period of 1 year. You can ask for additional discounts for all themes renewal.

Refund Policy

We strive hard to satisfy and make our customers happy with the theme or plugin we sell. Kindly ensure you ask us all questions you have before purchase and we will ensure to keep you satisfied and provide full support for the item you purchase. Due to the nature of the product since its intangible and digital and there’s no way to return the product after purchase we do not process refunds.

All themes bundle and lifetime package don’t fall under refund policy. So in case you have doubts buy a single theme and then can upgrade to a package.

Renewals also do not fall under refund policy.


Access: You cannot sell, rent, share or transfer your access to our website.

Acceptable Use: You shall use the product and services in its true form and refrain from any activity which may infringe, disrupt or delay services to the other users. You shall not use the services for any malicious activities such as sending spam, unsolicited messages, harass, stalk or threaten any other person or system. You shall not create any script, software, code or program which may impair, disrupt, diminish or add functionality to the services.

Reselling our themes as your own is not allowed and falls under copyright infrigement or malicious activities.

All our WordPress plugins, themes and their source code available for download on this website are licensed under the GNU General Public License (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html) version 2.0 or later.


European Union Customers paying using FastSpring gateway are charged additional VAT by the gateway for which they can ask them invoice. If you want to avoid paying that tax kindly fill the VAT ID when required. If paid using PayPal no such taxes are levied as we are in India.


All coding work is done from scratch and all of our themes are coded as per WordPress coding standards https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards

Images on all of our themes are from Flickr commercial usage allowed or Pixabay.com GPL compliant. However we cannot guarantee for the Copyright of these images since they come from third party source. We sell themes and not images and their usage on our website is for demo purposes only. Any image found copyright protected should be either purchased or given due credit to the owner.


We (Company, Employees, Directors, CEO or anyone directly related to the company) are not liable for any claims, costs, demands, damages, liabilities, or expenses that may arise due to use of any of our themes or services or breach of these terms and conditions.

We are also not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages by the use of our themes, or this website or by use of our services offered.

Theme Support

1. We don’t work during the weekends i.e. Saturdays and Sundays. However we do reply back if the situation is very urgent.

2. Also we didn’t get paid or are getting paid from your clients. So please don’t post via email or on this forum saying i have to submit website tomorrow and its urgent and do this for us. Well we are not the ones supposed to be getting involved in all this. You can show the work in progress to your client until we respond.

3. Normally our all themes are bug free however some people relate custom requirements of theirs to bugs. So things like removing search box, placing it somewhere else, or things like having different button formats, solving css issues relating to use of a plugin are all custom requirements and not bugs into our themes. So give us your website, access to your website etc for these kind of requests.

4. Some users don’t know how to install themes, we help them in installing themes however for this we need access to your website. We never save your access nor are spammers or hackers to cause a problem in your website. You can also change your passwords later on after we help you. So telling us that we can’t give the site access as its precious like diamonds will only result in replying back to you from us that we cannot help you and can only tell you instructions via email otherwise. That’s the most then.

5. Use of fancy galleries, third party plugins of security, fancy jquery sliders etc can cause conflicts in any WordPress theme with functionality and not just our themes. So its a request to use the ones which are popular and are known to cause lesser conflicts. We will help you in solving most but we can’t guarantee because there are more than 100,000 plugins and which will cause what error or conflict is unknown and no theme provider on earth can provide a theme which will work with each of the plugins.

6. If you receive any error during installation of the theme then do send us access, you might be doing it wrong and we will install the theme FREE for you on your server.

7. We do acknowledge the fact that the above rules might seem bad for some. But trust us we do want repeat, long time customers. We would love if you keep on purchasing our themes for your website so we go ahead and do 99% of the requests we receive.

8. We do hold the right to deny support to users whose subscription expires within a week and is asking us access to newly launched themes. We also hold the right to deny support to users who misbehave, are rude, have posted negative reviews about our website elsewhere trying to blackmail us using that and for other reasons which is not healthy for any vendor to client relationship.

Does your themes work on WordPress.com?

Yes they work on Premium, Business and eCommerce Plan where they provide adding external premium themes.


We do not charge any direct/indirect taxes and all theme prices written on the website are final.

Governing Law

These terms of service shall be exclusively governed by the laws of the state of Maharashtra, India and any dispute arising from this agreement shall be exclusively brought to the courts of the Nagpur district court.

Contact Us

Go ahead and feel free to contact us via the contact us form given on top navigation of the website.


SKT Themes Affiliate Terms

You need to agree to the terms and conditions included in this agreement to become an authorized affiliate of SKT Themes. Very carefully please read the agreement before signing or registering as an affiliate. You agree on this Affiliate program agreement and its terms and condition by signing up for the SKT Themes affiliate Program.

If you are the one on behalf of any organization, company, or other entity then (a)”you” included that entity and yourself, and (b) you represent that you are an authorized representative of the entity to join this agreement, and thus, you agree on entity’s behalf to this agreement.

Without any prior notice, this affiliate program agreement can be change at any time. You are answerable for reviewing this agreement on a constant basis. Any modifications that have been done to this agreement will not apply retroactively and thus it will not apply to any event or disputes happening before the modification is published.


1. Promotional materials
In regards to the marketing activities that you have chosen to do for our products, please make sure that every promotional material sticks to the following guidelines:

A. Product Reviews: In case you do a review of our product, you must reveal the upfront that you have received a percentage of each sale made. In addition to this, affirmations should reflect the experience or honest opinions of the endorser. Any announcement must be conspicuous and clear and it should not be hidden. The most vital principle is that the endorsement should showcase the opinion of the endorser and accurate experience.

B. Linking in Articles: While making use of our affiliate link in the article, a clear disclosure should be displayed about the affiliate link’s nature and material connection that you have with that company.

Example Article Disclosure:” Disclosure: In this post, some of the links are ‘affiliate links’. In simple, it means if you end up clicking on that link and buy that particular item, I will get a commission of affiliate.”

C. Linking on Social Networks:
On social networks, if you are using our affiliate links, you must showcase the clear disclosure about the link’s nature and material connection that you might have with the company. These disclosures must be a section of the post in social media post’s form that contains the affiliate link.

2. Commissions and affiliate tracking

A. With the help of IP addresses, all sales are been tracked. It is not perfect but it is the best method. Suppose the IP of users does not change we can guarantee that sales will be tracked.

All site integration tags will be included in affiliate and thus it is included any code incorporated into creative and/or links. under any circumstances, the affiliate will not modify the code.

B. For the same sales multiple affiliates will not be paid. Affiliates should agree that the sole determination of the company will be binding and final in the case of a dispute regarding payments or credit.

Directly, the payment of the commission will be removed from the account if the payment is refunded.

C. Using fake tracking pixels or forcing visitors to click on a link, or using any other means to register unaware visitors in the system is prohibited strictly. Such accounts will be terminated without warning and thus all revenues will be missed.

But this thing is not limited to the use of auto-surf or auto-hit programs, showcasing affiliate tracking URL within an image src or iFrame, automatic redirects or automatic popups to affiliate URLs without visitor’s action, or any other way to automatically track visitors in affiliate system without interested buyer’s international clicks. If the company assumes that fraudulently the affiliates have been added registrations by non-approved methods, then the affiliate agrees for the payouts for all these false leads will be lost.

D. For a maximum of 30 days the visitors that are referred by an affiliate will be tracked. Visitors who made purchases by the referred 30 days after clicking an affiliate link will be not tracked and thus the sale will not be compensated or awarded.

E. For the visitor’s first purchases a visitor will receive credit if the affiliate that most recently referred.

3. Payments
A. At the 15th date of the next month, the payments will be done for the previous month to affiliates with 150 USD and above. No payments will be payable or due until and affiliate has earned atleast 150 USD. For international clients, the payments will be done via PayPal. For payment, we will need the PayPal ID to your account to receive the payment.

B. Company must pay the agreed percentage of net revenue from customers to affiliate. A company should have the authority to change the percentage of net revenue paid to affiliates with the ten days prior notice. Gross revenues are also known as Net revenue which is actually received by the company because of rebates, refunds, affiliates’ actions fewer taxes, or any discounts given. Within 45 days the payment should be made after the last day of the month in which the customer paid the company.

C. With any compensation paid that you disagree with in connection with any month, you will agree to notify the company within the payment’s sixty days for such month. Or else, you accept that all claims for underpayment for such a month will be abandoned.

4. Account termination
A. Without any notice, your account will get terminated if you have been engaged with any kind of fraud. The terminated accounts of the affiliates will not be eligible to become affiliates thereafter. Accounts that refer customers with falsified or misleading information will get terminated. Forcing potential clients to make purchases our products is forbidden strictly.

Using illegal use of promotion including email SPAM is also prohibited strictly. Accounts that are promoting our products with the help of some methods that might break the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 will be removed or terminated immediately from the system.

B. An account can be used by only one person, and a single person can only create one account for themselves. Multiple account creation is not allowed. And thus the affiliates having multiple accounts will be removed.

C. In its sole discretion, the company reserves the right, and without any notice to remove the access to the server for no reason, considering the breach of this agreement or violation of rights or law.

5. Prohibitions
Affiliate agrees and warrants on an ongoing basis that its marketing and website practices:

1. Do not break any regulation or law governing (1) sweepstakes, (2) deceptive or false advertising, (3) gambling.
2. Does not include any defamatory or infringing content, trade disparagement, or libelous and (1) does not include any machine-readable code that could be unknowingly downloaded to the desktop of the recipient (for example virus, Trojan horse, worm, or another self-executing program) and takeover or damage the recipient’s computer.

3. To users do not offer incentives to click on ads or complete offers that award them prizes, cash, points or automatically enter them into sweepstakes or drawings, contents.

4. Only people who are eighteen or older will be eligible to use products of our company and will only be marketed to these people.

5. Comply with all state, local, and federal laws in connection to email marketing. If a company warn an affiliate of any complaint in regards to the alleged violation of email practices or any other affiliate’s email practice, then it is vital that the affiliate should respond back to the company within 48 hours of such notification and should give the source information such as (1)date, (2)opt-in source, (3)IP Address, (4)time, (5)content of email message.

6. In case to affiliate program’s participation, you accept that while you are an affiliate, you will comply with all rules, laws, ordinances, orders, regulations, permits, licenses, decisions, judgments, and other requirements of any governmental authority that has power over you, if those laws are in effect or come into effect later during the time you are an affiliate.

7. Affiliate will have a legal authority to enter into an agreement and to bound to covenants, promises, and other duties set in this agreement.

8. Materials given below will not be included in affiliates’ website:
a. Offensive, hateful, libelous, profane, threatening, harassing, defamatory, discriminatory (whether based on creed, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, physical disability, or any other).
b. Pornographic or obscene.
c. Graphically violent, or
d. Solicitous of any unlawful behavior

9. Promotional materials should not be used by affiliates in any case other than those set forth above.
10. Any claim to ownership of promotional materials, the intellectual property therein, or copyright, trademark can’t be made by the affiliate.
11. Affiliate will not add or otherwise distribute any advertising materials for websites of an affiliate that reference company’s website or company for any purpose on its websites.
Until a company provides prior consent in writing to the distribution of such materials. The affiliate should not make use of the company’s name for any intention on its websites, in any other context except to the market website of a website, or in its promotional materials as mentioned in this agreement. Any domain name can’t be registered by the affiliate that incorporate the name of the company or is the same as the company’s name.

12. Without any prior written consent of the company, the affiliate should not during the term compete indirectly or directly with the company in the sale of merchandise or third-party products.

6. Confidentiality
The information which is not available to the general public should be considered as “confidential company information.” To any entity or a person, the affiliate might not disclose any confidential company information unless the affiliate has prior written consent for such disclosure from the company, except where compelled by law.

7. Taxes
The company will not be responsible for any taxes that are due by the affiliate arising out of the affiliate’s relationship. Any taxes from the commission paid to the affiliate will not withhold by the company.

8. Limitation of Liability
For any loss of costs or profits, the company will not be liable. Also, we will not be liable for any indirect, direct, incidental, consequential, or special damages such as costs associated with substitute goods or service’s procurement, associated or arising out of any loss, interruption of service or suspension, termination of this agreement, misuse or use of promotional materials, or other services performance under this agreement.

9. Counterparts
In different counterparts, this agreement could be executed. The individual signing this agreement justifies and guarantees that they are authorized to bind and thus they are not binding the party on behalf of which they are executing this agreement.

10. Entire Agreement
This agreement constitutes the complete agreement between affiliate and company and overrides any prior representation or understanding of any sort preceding the date of this agreement or changed only in writing agreed to and signed by both party’s authorized representatives.