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Find relevant fitness WordPress themes created for fitness trainers, gym owners, yoga studios, workouts as well as health clubs and cardio websites. All templates are responsive.

If you’re a fitness trainer or gym and other health and physics – related center owner and have a clear – cut intention to establish the deserved online profile of your fitness business, then you can be sure it’s one of the most productive and efficient decisions you could ever make and realize, since by the great support of the current digital platform your success can start and end with your fitness – related and shared valued content. There is no need to enumerate the advantages any target gym, cardio, yoga or aerobics center will take over other competitive industries, including the generation of new strategies in relation to effective customer engagement and retention, as well as cost – effective techniques you can utilize for the most productive perspectives.

One of the most justified promotional steps that can be carried out is the selection of the right fitness WordPress theme for any fitness – centered website or blog of any nature and popularity. With an increasing number of consumer groups using the Internet and search engines to find the most suitable fitness programs and trainer pages, running a highly informative and client – efficient website and ensuring its visibility in the relevant engines are considered to be top – priorities at present, therefore we have done our best to handpick the best and the most frequently installed fitness and gym – related and WordPress supported templates, that will satisfy the most of the requirements and needs specified by any trainer or other fitness and health representative.

A handy collection of Fitness WordPress themes is assembled for all fitness centers, fitness trainers, gyms and crossfit studios. These are immensely flexible and resilient themes ready to adapt themselves to any changes in order to achieve the set objectives.

Fitness industry in all its branches, be it a weight loss, gym, healthcare or aerobics, has experienced a considerable growth during the last decades. And at present this industry does not include only some sport, training or workout-specific activities, but is highly targeted to large groups of audience, who have affiliated fitness as an inseparable and integral part of their lives and lifestyles.

There are thousands of such centers or clubs spread all over the world, which are concerned with addressing health and fitness concerns, creating safe and secure training environment for the people, working on the fitness assessment scales, designing effective fitness and workout programs, etc. But all these efforts will be considered void if not properly introduced to the acknowledgment and consideration of all the individuals, having interest in fitness and other related fields.

Hence, a decently stylized, projected, developed and managed website acts as a perfect communication channel between fitness experts and trainers and all the potential clients to get informed about all the available programs, subscription tickets, classes or whatever it is.

All the below – specified fitness and gym-friendly templates comprise all the compulsory theme characteristic features to target your specific audience and run a website in a top-rated shape.

Strong Pro:

Complete and comprehensive, all inclusive and feature –rich, technically and technologically saturated, powerful and motivational, modern and interactive, Strong Pro is sufficiently taken care off by the relevant designers and developers, so that little is left for you to personalize and finalize its look and feel as per your ideas and plans. This premium quality and user – friendly responsive template is a perfect tool with handy tools and options to craft and display your gym, cardio, aerobics, yoga, health club or weight loss content in the easiest, yet beneficial way. This affordable theme is cost – conscious in all the aspects, including both the purchase cost and additional financial means that can be required for hiring a professional and highly experienced specialist to manage your website, since with Strong Pro you will be granted with all the potentials to edit and customize your website without any auxiliary support.

BeFit Pro:

BeFit Pro is certainly sophisticated and experienced, cross mobile and device compatible, SEO and SMO integrated, customization and management – effective, smart and intelligent out of the fitness WordPress themes profoundly increasing the number of potential customers and athletes interested in your fitness trainings, products and services. All your relevant content producing and publishing, including the information on your staff and experts, training programs, schedules and pricelists will cost you minimum nerves and timeframe spent on the whole process. Since the theme has been optimized for WooCommerce usage, your website can be characterized also as e – commerce and shop –ready to sell weight loss products, protein nutridrinks, sport clothing, diet – related attributes and many other items.

SKT Fitness Pro:

If you are passionate about your gym, health club or cardio center and want to attract more and more clients and sportsmen into your business, be sure your future successful and popular health and fitness WordPress themes website is based on the SKT Fitness Pro and enjoying its benefits will be the basic determinant of the people’s engagement and loyalty formation. This thoroughly projected and minutely crafted, strongly developed and tastily stylized, conceptually motivational and inspiring, highly customizable and user – directed in usage, this strongly recommended template will make your website adapt itself to any mobile and device screen resolution parameters and keep its flawless appearance in conjunction with smooth and precise navigation.

Gym Master:

Gym Master with its pretty dynamic and significant nature, alluring and eye – catching outlook which is in combination with impeccable inner performance and tech – savvy functionality with definitely allow you to reveal the key points of the fitness, gym and aerobics – based website and blog development. Established on the durable and stable basis, on which any edition or customization processes can be implemented without worrying that anything can go wrong, this awesome theme generates a bunch of really practical and compact theme elements and key features to be exercised by any private trainer or fitness club administrators very quickly and easily. Multilingual support, total responsiveness and plugin compatibility are also among the advantages of Gym Master.


Poised and steady between all – inclusive and functionally saturated design and lightness in performance, modern and creative design solutions, yet accurate and neatly browsing interface, inclusion of all the current high standards and norms, yet very easy to set up, understand and run, Zym deserves our special attention and review. Since generating great and customer – effective target content is key, this entirely reliable and intuitively worked out and one of the fitness WordPress themes that offers you all the convenient theme sections and areas to showcase all your content, including your fitness programs, weight loss and muscle gain training, aerobics and mix trainings, special offers, as well as display the most alluring images on the homepage slider and control its effects.


Fitt is one more fitness, gym, aerobics, cardio, athletes, weight loss club or spa center, workout and physical activity – related modernly crafted WordPress authored framework to put all its potential into action and perfectly demonstrate any target fitness or weight loss business core points and advantages. By the application of this awesomely expressive and thriving, modern and alluringly – designed, readily intuitive and highly responsive website builder comes power – packed with dynamic and easy to use theme shortcodes to set up and customize the website elements without facing any complications or difficulties for the website impeccable and perfect performance, as well as positive customer and website reader experience and feedback, lots of Google fonts and icons to personalize your online profile deservedly in the digital world.

Yogi Pro:

Multipurpose and multiniche, Yogi Pro is conceptually clear cut, visually strong and motivational, modern and strong product in compliance with all the current requirements of flexible and adaptive framework, user and developer – friendly admin panel and customer-directed nature. It is one of the fitness WordPress themes which promises to serve high-quality fitness and health – related content in the most appealing fashion. This inherently intuitive and amazingly fast loading template comes integrated with powerful packages of Google fonts and icons to choose from and personalize the website, as well as lots of shortcodes to execute them in the relevant pages and posts with minimum efforts spent. Structural appearance and functional possibilities are limitless with Yogi Pro, so that you will be able to present all the specific fitness-related content and images in the homepage sections and let your potential clients find all your classes and trainings, experienced trainers and specialists in the easiest way.

What is important is that this website creation instrument has not been initially intended and though out with the desktop users in mind. Instead, the authors of this theme have exercised all their professional skills to make it as mobile user-optimized as it is in the case of desktop users.


Bony is the next out of the fitness WordPress themes, which is a mixture of the overall appealing form and seriously developed and ensured functionality behind it. Powered to offer extremely easy to install framework to be done in a matter of minutes, this template is also customization-ready. You can add and remove, edit or configure whatever you find expedient at the moment and enjoy the high-quality and flexible performance of this exceptional template across any such changes and modifications. Responsive and cross mobile compatible coding runs on the basis of Bony to let all the fitness enthusiasts browse the website while on the move. This means, that your target high-resolution images and other content will realize themselves to fit any given screen dimensions and resolution for the sake of the mobile and device user’s ultimate convenience.

SKT Dual:

From modern and creative design and graphical solutions to supremely resourceful and dynamic layout, SKT Dual proves itself as presentable and reliable fitness, gym, healthcare and crossfit-based website builder to interact with the lots of individuals and sportsmen and motivate them to fulfill their dreams. Showcase your challenging and expressive images covering your fitness activities with the help of the slider on the homepage. You can make your online profile appear both as a nice scrolling single page with all-inclusive nature or use the advantages coming with multipage appearances. Should you need something other, review and install portfolio or slider plugins for bettering your website functional capabilities. You can even establish and run an online fitness store and sell your relevant products, services, subscriptions, etc, since this out of the fitness WordPress themes has been tested for its compatibility with WooCommerce and other e-commerce plugins.


In case you are looking for a suitable and dependable fitness content management tool, Character can be a typical solution for all your undertakings in the digital environment. This premium quality and well-supported, highly dynamic and complete, functionally saturated while too easy and lightweight in usage WordPress – powered and fitness, gym, cardio and health – centric framework is packed with the most useful and practical theme integral parts, sections and controllable elements for the step-by-step guide to all the website visitors to search for the required information and quickly dig it out. Obviously, neat and accurate structure of the website together with smoothly navigation, fast loading and readily intuitiveness will definitely gather lots of fitness-centered people around your content and even turn them into your permanent customers. Let us also add the touches of total responsiveness, multilingual ready nature, plugin compatibility and e-commerce readiness integrated within Character and you’ll for sure feel the boundless potential hidden behind this theme.

SKT Full Width Pro:

If you have set up your mind to focus not only on your fitness, gym, cardio, athletes, workout, aerobics, fitness trainer or fitness magazine website informativity, but also catch the website visitor’s eye with the most challenging and motivational images, look no further than SKT Full Width Pro. This truly elegant and thriving one of the fitness WordPress themes keeps perfect correlation between functionally feature-rich structure and fast loading, all-inclusiveness and lightweight performance, heavy content inclusion and smooth and sleek navigation and web browsing without any drawbacks. SKT Full Width Pro lets you change and customize the slider backgrounds, exercise the available transition controls, timings, intervals and other effects, so that your images will proudly span the whole of the homepage.

Fitness WordPress Themes of future

What do these fitness WordPress themes have in common and why are they often referred to as futuristic in their approach towards features and functionality.

Here is what we have gathered and want you to understand about these features in these themes:

1. Pricing Tables: Pricing tables are important because pricing of any service is necessary to be shown so that people can understand about the various packages on offer and in a gym or fitness club or yoga studio packages are very important and different packages are priced separately and hence any gym or fitness website wants to display their prices properly in a pricing table with various packages and their differences listed nicely.

2. Hours of operation / Time Table: Time table is important because one should know the working hours of any gym so that they can accordingly shift their priorities and take out time for the gym. Timetable or hours of operation works best in terms of fitness WordPress themes based website because time table showcases all the timings for all the different classes. Extensive timetables if with various teachers can be depicted with the help of an event calendar. All our templates have this feature.

3. Columns: Columns like 3 columns and 4 columns or 5 to 6 columns of text and images or combination of both is possible in all of these templates so that one can easily showcase any type of service or extra packages or any type of columns to lead to various other inner pages for easy navigation.

4. WooCommerce: WooCommerce is a great plugin and now acquired by Automattic parent company of WordPress. It is a great eCommerce plugin and does the job easy for anyone who wants to have an online platform for selling t shirts, nutrition products, various packages of gym can be sold online like gold and silver membership which are of yearly pattern. Online donations and online event ticket sales can also be done for any fitness WordPress themes based website which can be of any type of gym, fitness and yoga studio or fitness clubs or health clubs.

5. Menu: Menu in this case is navigation which is of 5 level deep in any of our template so that a large website with several menu items can be added without any problems and looks great on all sorts of devices specially mobile ones due to hamburger menu.

6. Color changing: Color changing fitness WordPress themes which lets you get your desirable colors and get the most out of these templates so that they appear best for you in the colors you have imagined. Since all the elements can hold separate colors you can have a combination of colors.

7. Social icons: Social icons are essential nowadays to even give reviews and have user interactions and people asking you for free advice which would mean you get more traffic and word of mouth for your business. Hence social media for any type of business nowadays can’t be ignored and thus we have all kinds of popular social networking websites listed on each of our templates so that any fitness WordPress theme can make use of them.

8. Slider: Slider is the first thing people/visitors notice once they come to your website and hence you would want your slider to be the best thing people can see and want to connect with you after they watch the slides. Slider is important and so is its control. Hence we have pause time, animation control and also slider replace possible.

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