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One Page

One page WordPress themes showcase one long page themes designed and developed to showcase all that is needed but in a single page.

With great advances in technology and digital word from online capabilities to perfect website performance and its involvement into diverse relevant social and commercial media, and of course modern multipage and single page coding structures in combination with intuitive and flexible design let any single person create a unique and personal online presence and widely utilize the interactive platform to provide web-native experience, which, in its turn, seems to be of utmost importance no matter what individual or corporate objective are trying to be reached.

According to the current market statistics, there is a huge demand for one page WordPress themes as an ever – popular page design solution for those, who want to ensure the precise and compact look and feel of their website. With powerful advancements in how WordPress specialists and experts progressively code and stylize those totally user – friendly layouts, being straight to the point without forcing the website visitors or potential clients to browse multiple pages for finding the overall description of your online presence, all the relevant content in relation to any online initiatives or whatever they need at the given moment is no longer a complicated and irritating task to undertake and successfully complete.

In this article, some of the top – rated and highly recommended single page WordPress templates are highlighted as productive layouts for displaying any specific online profile, personal or corporate portfolio, service provision, any public or private organization and so on. Irrespective of your future website type, popularity, nature and direction, as well as the volume of content to be published on the website, be sure any of the below – mentioned one page – optimized WordPress content management tools will behave itself stunningly and will perform impeccably, thus, not only justifying your expectations and objectives, but also exceeding them.

Currently, both multi-page and single page website structures are used in parallel to create websites of diverse natures and directions. Naturally, each of the mentioned structures has its advantages that attract people to choose it as the solid foundation for their next online project.

As for one page or single page design, it enhances simplicity in a perfect way. It can be a preferable and truly effective way of concentrating the visitor’s attention on the most target content on a single web page, rather than force them to go to other pages and search for the wanted information.

In case you want to run a compactly arranged and correctly rendered website in order to save the precious time of your website visitors, here is a handpicked list of the best and the most reliable one page WordPress themes, which are also entirely flexible and intuitive from the functional standpoint.

All of them are packed with the most practical and useful features and options to stylize and personalize your website with very little effort spent and create a final product which will compel your website users to take some actions. They are smart, flexible, secure, stable and easy to follow, use and digest as well. So you can select the one that seems to be more consistent with your corporate or individual objectives and let your website content to be highlighted in a simple, smart and affordable fashion for the users.


Blendit with its modern and innovative, fresh and animated, stylish and elegant look combined with supreme functionality consisting of high flexibility and intuitiveness, neat and precise theme structure, 100% responsiveness and cross mobile compatibility, SEO – friendly coding characteristics to cater to all types of personal or corporate businesses. This multipurpose and all – inclusive template is loaded with almost any single feature and control to act as a helping hand to all those website administrators, who try to exercise diverse practical marketing strategies in order to increase the website visibility and conversion, as well as provide his online profile with exceptional informative content arranged in one basic page, thus keeping the audience focus on the core points of the target activities.

SKT Parallax Me Pro:

Power – packed with smooth and sleek parallax effect, graphically stunning solutions, seriously developed and well – supported, laboriously pliable and smoothly navigable, SKT Parallax Me as another super and extensively dependable one page WordPress theme delivers lots of advantages which anyone can benefit from using compact and accurate single page designed website of any nature and priorities. All in all, this professional and sophisticated WordPress related responsive and mobile, tablet and device – friendly content creation mechanism will provide you with an environment, where the maximum effect can be provisioned with minimum efforts made and financial means spent. HTML5 and CSS3 modern and innovative coding, nicely – designed homepage prebuilt slider, as well as a diversity of practical sections on the homepage to publish all the target content, texts, posts, images and others also form an integral part of the theme.

I Am One Pro:

If you have long planned and prioritized the website straight – forward, yet modern and stylish design, intensively worked out functionality and customization nature, then I Am One Pro can be considered as one of the best and the most efficient single page WordPress frameworks, on which any content can be exclusively posted and managed whenever required. This truly resourceful and resilient, smart and stable, caringly crafted and produced theme will let any individual, artist, photographer, businessman or private entrepreneur to easily communicate with his target groups of audience and ensure their positive feedbacks and loyalty, since the information displayed on the website one page, will be easy to find, access and digest. Apart from being informative and thoughtful, your future web page based on this awesome product will also exceptional and flawless performance when being browsed by means of any mobile or device, as pretty responsive design has been minutely worked out for I Am One Pro.


Instead of spending much time in designing and stylizing your website on multiple pages, you can concentrate whatever is going to be the part of your online presence in one single and beautiful scrolling page. There are tons of benefits coming along this powerful and professionally developed, extremely polished and pliable, premium quality one page WordPress theme, including the possibility for your website visitors to explore your content immediately and within shorter time period rather than stuck into multiple pages and dig out whatever is needed, serious and businesslike design and graphical shades and touches to make a credible impact on your potential and target groups of people, outstanding compatibility with a bunch of modern WordPress plugins for reaching out higher tasks and intentions, totally responsive design for the website adapt itself to any default screen sizes, and finally, SMO and SEO – optimized functionality to increase the public awareness.

SKT White Pro:

SKT White is a mixture of multipurpose design and all – inclusive and advanced technology, cutting – edge operational platform and thoroughly worked – out structure, elegant and modern design tastes and neatly settled homepage integral sections and areas, user and developer – optimized performance and overall customizable and easily controllable framework well suited for any kind of niches to be fully revealed and promulgated to the public at large. Ultimately, based on responsive design and durable coding solutions, SKT White Pro has a powerful package of theme characteristic features and controls to guarantee meaningful, comprehensive and usable theme appearance for a particular audience, as well as enforce the website technical potential with the support coming with a practical set of modern and tech – savvy plugins.

Photo World Pro:

Photo World Pro is one of comprehensively designed and seriously supported one page WordPress themes one can have at his full command and disposition in order to ensure the accuracy and compactness of all his relevant information in a nice scrolling website page. Multipurpose and multiconcept in nature, this lively and bright, highly alluring and colorful, totally responsive and cross-mobile compatible theme will perfectly serve as a super functional framework for any kind of image and gallery-based websites, be it a photography, artist, designer, freelancer or portfolio owner. The theme comes power-packed with almost every single thing you’ll ever need to gain the love and confidence of your potential clients. Photo World Pro also generates SEO-compatible nature for more visibility and higher rankings in the relevant search engine statistics and results.

SKT Black Pro:

Powerful and professional, all-inclusive yet easy in usage, smooth in navigation and fast in loading, SKT Black Pro is the next perfect one or single page WordPress template to acquire for your future web presence of any kind. Functional and management controls are endless with this exceptional theme. Moreover, your website visitors will not be faced with any single difficulty when browsing your page or interacting with it. The said refers both to your desktop and mobile users, since this content creation and management toolbox have been developed to be readily responsive and cross browser, mobile and tablet compatible. All the norms and standards of modern HTML5 and CCS3 coding and styling combination, e-commerce compatibility and SEO-optimization are strictly followed. Hence you can use this practical and integrative theme for making any kind of corporate, business, individual or personal undertaking entirely popular and accessible in the digital networking platform and even establish and manage your online store in the easiest and the most cost-conscious way.


If you have set your mind to find a simple, yet functionally advanced and technologically cutting edge theme for your digital profile establishment, which will be easy to run, manage and control whenever needed, look no further than Marvin. This clearly coded, safe and sound, ravishingly beautiful and eye-catching one page WordPress theme can be a stunning content arrangement solution to centralize the customer’s attention on a single web page. This method will cost them less time and efforts to search for the needed product, service, contact details or any other required information and act accordingly. Thus you can publish all your relevant content in a nicely and neatly arranged homepage sections and areas to be easily findable, showcase the homepage slider with full-screen image slides and control their elements and timing, choose the best template for your visual appearance and much more.

The App Pro:

The App Pro is considered to be a complex approach to the creation and running a website with one page structural peculiarities. The simplified and unique design of your web page will effortlessly direct your website users to notice the most important parts and portions of it and your homepage content will take the central stage in their visitor experience. The nice scrolling and flawlessly navigable touches of your one page website will inevitably result in your clients’ and customers’ positive website browsing and interacting experience all the time. By the application of this top-rated and premium quality WordPress – powered template, you will master your website fully even with minimal programming knowledge and prior WordPress experience, since the App Pro has been designed and developed with an average user and website admin in mind. As one of the most fitting one page WordPress themes, it can be amazingly used for presenting any app, product, service or any other digital product and establish long-lasting commercial and cooperation relations with thousands of clients and partners from all over the world.

SKT Dual:

In the diversity of one page WordPress themes SKT Dual deserves special attention and consideration. It is beautiful and modernly – crafted, sophisticated and truly affordable, smart and intuitive while easy to use and customize modern website builder, that generates totally workable and flexible platform for every individual, private entrepreneur or business representative to provide seamless and pliable experience for all his potential customers. Powered to display totally elegant and alluring design and graphical solutions closely combined with full color and background changing features, inherently customizable sections and areas, this conceptually original and well thought-out product is built upon stable and durable Customizer for the sake of easy content setup and preview. With its e-commerce-based framework, simple, yet productive structure and impeccable responsiveness, SKT Dual is considered as one of the primary marketing mediums one can successfully utilize and benefit from.

Consider one page WordPress themes for small businesses

One page WordPress themes create a visually nice feeling and great website look and feel when it comes to looks and designs.

They flow in a logical manner showcasing different items or sections or services of a particular company bit by bit and info by info.

Thus one page WordPress themes showcase a landing page or business info in a nice and effective manner and have all the desired info like contact form, map, and other info properly presented.

Professional looking and highly creative one page WordPress themes can take your small business website to the next level and make your site at par with others in the industry.

Why to Consider?

1. Don’t have much info: Most small business companies do not have much information and hence they falter and keep on thinking on how to show their little content and smaller portfolio in a nicer way. Well the answer really is one page WordPress themes as they can showcase them naturally and very nicely all just in one single page.

2. One page is sufficient: For most websites one lengthy page is sufficient. However in menu or tab they appear as various other topics or buttons but when clicked on them they get to the desired location in a single page. With one page small business, author and smaller websites with lesser content can feel safer as they don’t need to have unnecessary data either on their page.

3. Tabs/Menu on top: The tabs or menu on the top takes an user to their particular section and give them that particular info. So there is no discrepancy. Also as far as user point of view is concerned there do not exist any multiple drop down levels so that the user becomes confused. Simple one page WordPress theme made for single page websites with tabs on top definitely work better as far as user is concerned.

4. Simplicity is kept intact: Simple as to the fact that only few tabs or menu exist on the top. Also simple because all you have to do is scroll down using the mouse to check and watch for the entire content of the website. Not much is needed in terms of navigation and user does not feel confused as clicking on contact will give him all the contact info.

5. Looks nice and creates an impression: Creating a first impression is always difficult for bigger websites with too much of information but lesser info and single page WordPress theme one can just quickly impress someone with a stellar graphical or animated video on the top and then nicely laid out content at the bottom to read further and know about the company.

6. Landing page: Best suitable for customers or websites which want a landing page kind of a website like authors, ebooks, hair salon, meat shop and other small businesses which do not have much info or pages for their website can use one page single WordPress themes as their landing pages and collect info for sales via phone calls and email.

7. Responsive and mobile friendly: These responsive and mobile friendly one page WordPress themes are best suited for any type of devices and showcase the website content in a great way irrespective of the device. Hence they can be used for any type of website presentation.

Why consider One page WordPress themes for Single Page websites

Most websites are multipage structure websites but many small organizations and many brick and mortar businesses mostly need an informational website and do not need any online presence.

Hence for such websites nowadays one page WordPress themes have been in trend to create single page websites.

One page WordPress themes are of various types and most common of them are scrolling ones and parallax ones and background slider ones.

They are complete in themselves and are feature rich and comprehensive to handle any type of requirements and websites.

They are great to stand out from the crowd and many business use these short one page WordPress themes for their product launch.

Many authors use them for their book launch and ebook landing pages as well.

All of these templates let you import your content in a nice and great fashion.

Many of these one page WordPress themes can also be used as multipage ones and are quite trendy and well structured.

They are easy to use and can be used by even first time users with no prior knowledge about websites.

All they have to do is follow some manual and set up the theme in no time thus a website or a landing page can be set up at the shortest amount of time.

Most of the templates showcased here load up with the default content on the homepage thus giving relief to customers who are clueless when they get a blank template with no data.

Several shortcodes are there which can be used without any problems in the entire website and making use of them brings in several in built functionality for which no additional plugin is required thus reducing the load time due to plugins and also the scripts to be used. Thus making the experience a faster web experience and SEO friendly experience.

Most of the small businesses do not have the time to manage a website and most of them just need a website so that they can give some information about themselves and can tell the world what type of work they do and what kind of past portfolio they have.

Similarly most of the businesses around the world still work with the help of word of mouth as trust cannot be gained without showcasing reviews and past portfolio as well as real life examples and testimonials.

Hence most of the business still don’t feel and want a big website which they have to manage and it becomes cumbersome for them to manage a big website as well.

Also most of the businesses do not need regular changes so it doesn’t makes sense for them to daily do some changes as for example a beauty salon whose prices and whose location are going to be more or else same. Also the services are going to be more or less same.

Hence such kind of businesses prefer one page WordPress themes which can be suitable for having a single page website and cause no troubles to them and once the designer or developer sets their website for them they can just keep on using it by just paying the recurring domain and hosting expenses.

Also most of them do not understand how to update and handle a website and hence they look for something overly simple and want to have a minimal interface where they can just edit the phone number, email, location, prices, team members etc if those are changed at a later date.

Hence one page websites became popular and by this means one can easily have a single page website without having any problems. One can easily set up the website of their choice and change the colors and manage the content on their own without having intervention from other parties as well.

Simple and easy to manage and maintain most of the business owners need not worry about maintaining a separate IT staff just for the website purposes.

Also since WordPress based one page WordPress themes are SEO friendly and allow meta tags and are search engine friendly most of the businesses easily then find themselves searchable via search engines and local directory listings.

Also they find themselves easily being contacted and people also post reviews for them online which counts them in getting more business because a sense of trust is also enthused.

Now based on the type of landing page a business needs like someone has an ebook so they are looking for sales and will concentrate more on the purchase buttons. While others will focus more on the contact form if they just need leads for their construction business.

Similarly IT and software people might want a call back option and phone numbers should be displayed on the top for most local businesses so that people can easily call them and contact them.

Thus all types of options are possible and all types of options are available with the people who want to choose from amongst these one pager templates and can select the ones as per their needs and requirements.

No additional plugins are needed to operate these basic ones and even basic contact form, location via Google map and even basic SEO and menu and navigational choices and others are provided without any problems.

Thus an hassle free complete website solution is offered irrespective of the type of one page template of WordPress a person or user selects depending on the design choices and their website needs.

One page WordPress themes