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SKT Restara
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SKT Sushi
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SKT Coach
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SKT Glass
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SKT Golf
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Designing a website is not something that only experts can do. WordPress has made it extremely easy for anyone with basic knowledge to design an amazing website.

One of the main reasons for this is the WordPress themes. However, when you start designing a WordPress website, you will discover that there are free WordPress themes and paid ones.

You can get access to more than 10,000+ free WordPress themes with image gallery on Then, there are other companies or freelancers that develop free starter templates. However, the question is should you use a free WordPress theme for your upcoming website or not?

All these starter websites have been updated as per performance standards. We all know that nowadays every website wants fast loading by default so that they have less bounce rate and better page speed. Hence we have also optimized our website templates to be less in terms of loading speed by reducing the number of scripts and also making sure that popular WordPress cache plugins like WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and others are compatible with these themes.

We have also ensured that our starter templates work seamlessly and without issues with CDN platforms like Bunny, Rocket, Cloudflare and others.

Is using free WordPress themes sufficient for your website?

If you are considering using a free WordPress theme for your business. You may wonder if it will provide the same features as the paid ones. Will it be scalable and secure?

When you start a business you are putting your reputation on the line, one small mistake and it can be tarnished. That is why many entrepreneurs wonder if a free WordPress theme is good enough for their business.

The reason that free WordPress themes can support your growing business is that WordPress is an open-source platform that is supported by thousands of developers around the globe.

It is not just the employees of WordPress that cater to the platform. If that was the case, then they would make free themes inferior compared to paid ones.

However, thousands of people like you provide potent themes and plugins for your website. Yes, many of them are free. All you have to do is filter out the free WordPress themes with starter templates that are suitable for your business.

Additional Factors in Favor of Selecting Free WordPress Themes

  • Many people consider a free WordPress theme if they are designing a website within a restricted budget. Now you do not have to dedicate a huge budget to develop a website.

    Just download the free WordPress theme and start customizing it to unleash the full potential of your website.

  • WordPress contributors do not just develop top-notch themes or plugins but it is also their responsibility to ensure that they are secure. When you download a WordPress theme you can be ensured that it is safe and will work with the latest version of WordPress.

    All the free themes that are submitted on are rigorously reviewed before they are available to end users. So if you are seeing a free WordPress theme on you can relax knowing that this theme is safe.

  • To get a free theme published on, the developers need to follow the best coding standards and keep security standards high.
  • Most WordPress themes are freemiums. This means that the theme has a free version while having a premium version. The free version has great features but a few functionalities are locked.

    When you buy the premium version, then those features are unlocked. These freemium themes are designed by keeping the highest coding standards in check.

    Companies design the free theme as a way to attract users to unlock the premium theme. That is why they give their best effort to design the free theme.

    However, if you do not have the budget to unlock the premium theme then you can use the free WordPress theme for now.

  • What are the Steps to Determine the Top Free WordPress Themes?

    Your website forms the first impression on the visitor. That is why it is important to have the right WordPress theme for your website. You can select the best free WordPress theme for your website by following these steps:

    1. The theme should be coded according to WordPress standards.

    2. Check the latest updated date, PHP version, and compatibility with current WordPress version to see if a theme will be a good fit.

    3. The theme should be customizable.

    4. It is important to choose a free theme that has a category that matches your business.

    5. The theme should be optimized for high speed.

    6. You should check if the theme developers provide updates and dependable support.

    7. Kindly select a theme that has a good amount of positive reviews to stay on the safe side.

    You can easily find a free WordPress theme for your website that has all the features you need and is safe for your website. If you are considering a free theme to be installed and activated for your website, then you need to ensure it is a stable theme.

    SKT Themes presents best responsive free WordPress themes with slider download for all needs use free WordPress templates for any business website use.

    Premium functionality, easy to use theme options, responsive, no HTML knowledge needed, WordPress codex handbook referred and GPL licensed themes.

    WordPress is an incredibly popular platform for creating websites. One of the best things about it is the wide range of themes available. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a stunning website.

    In this post, we will be sharing with you the best free WordPress themes with image gallery currently available. These themes are not only visually appealing but also highly functional, with features such as drag-and-drop page builders, customizable layouts, and responsive designs. Whether you building a blog, a portfolio, or a business website, we have got you covered.

    Get ready to discover some of the best free WordPress themes free Download that will help you create a stunning website that is sure to impress.

    Top WordPress Themes free Download for Business Website

    SKT Glass

    Are you looking for the top free WordPress theme for a glass company? SKT Glass is a company you can trust. This friendly theme was created with websites for commercial glass firms, window installers, glass door repairers, and other businesses dealing with glass in mind. You may choose this fantastic choice if you already have or want to develop a commercial website.

    If you choose it, you will undoubtedly be happy in the long run. Your company website should be quite appealing when you design it. An attractive website may readily draw the audience’s attention to it. Superb aesthetic appeal characterizes SKT Glass.

    It has a refined design overall in addition to being gorgeous. As a result, it may provide your website the ideal appearance it needs to stand out from other websites. With so much competition online, SKT Glass will be the only superior alternative for your business website.

    SKT Golf

    SKT Golf Club is an amazing theme that can be used by golf clubs and courses. Golf enthusiasts will be thrilled by the dramatic graphics of this theme.

    This guarantees that they are prepared to decide when they scroll down. This WordPress themes free Download stands out since it includes both HD photos and animation.

    Golf is a sport that demands a lot of patience, but when people read through your website, they don’t have the same patience. This free version of the theme was created with everything in mind because of this.

    The header itself will provide your visitors the opportunity to schedule a trial. You may upload more than one lovely picture to the header and then play a sluggish slideshow with them.

    Customers may traverse the website and discover what they need with the aid of the menu. A decreased bounce rate results from clients being able to discover what they need.

    SKT Trekking

    Trekking clubs utilize the free WordPress theme SKT Trekking, which is designed for rock climbing.
    Elementor was used to create this theme and it may be altered using it as well. To increase the number of individuals who join your hiking club, build your website using a free theme. It works with the most recent WordPress version.

    If you’re searching for a four- or five-page website, this is a fantastic option. This Elementor-based theme is appropriate for tour and travel agencies, hiking clubs, and rock climbing teams.

    Additionally, WooCommerce may be connected with the theme. However, we advise subscribing to this theme’s premium version if you want to create a fully functional e-commerce website.

    Coffee Block

    The Coffee Block theme is a popular design choice for coffee shops and cafes. This theme often incorporates a rustic and cozy atmosphere with dark colors and wooden accents.

    The lighting is usually dim and warm, creating a relaxing environment for customers to enjoy their coffee.

    The menu typically features a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, along with pastries and light snacks. The Coffee Block theme is perfect for those who want to create a welcoming and intimate space for their customers to enjoy a cup of coffee and catch up with friends or get some work done.

    This theme can also be incorporated into a home kitchen or dining area to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for coffee lovers. This is a multilingual WordPress theme and supports multiple languages. The WPML builder plugin is compatible with this WordPress theme.


    Whatever kind of company you run, you need a full-site editing theme. SKT FSE is the best free FSE WordPress theme for your company requirements, regardless of whether you work in the banking, real estate, or apparel industries.

    It has a variety of WordPress block designs to make it more convenient for users. When it comes to customizing, there are several options.

    Since it is a block-based theme, all of its layouts are fully changeable. The theme supports portfolios, business websites, blogs, and on-page sites. This theme offers you a drag-and-drop feature. It is compatible with some of the best page builders.

    SKT Patterns

    SKT Patterns are pre-made designs created by SKT Themes, a popular WordPress theme developer. These patterns are designed to take the hassle out of designing a website from scratch.

    They are pre-made templates that can be customized to suit your needs, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to create a beautiful website.

    SKT Patterns come in a variety of styles and designs, from minimalist to bold and colorful, so you can choose one that suits your business or personal brand.

    Plus, since they are created by professionals, you can be sure that the design is well thought out and user-friendly. With SKT Patterns, you can have a beautiful website up and running in no time.

    SKT Salon

    The SKT Salon theme is a great option for anyone looking to create a professional and visually appealing website for their salon or spa business.

    With its sleek and modern design, the theme is easy to navigate and provides users with all the information they need about the services offered. The color scheme is soft and sophisticated, which creates a calming atmosphere for the viewer and reflects the relaxing environment of a spa or salon.

    The theme is also very easy to customize, allowing the user to change the layout, color scheme, and fonts to suit their business’s branding. Another great feature of the SKT Salon theme is that it is mobile-responsive, which means that it can be accessed on any device, from desktop to mobile.

    Overall, the SKT Salon theme is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a beautiful and professional website for their salon or spa business.

    SKT Ayurveda

    SKT Ayurveda theme is a perfect WordPress theme for those who want to create a website that promotes Ayurveda remedies, practices, and products. This theme is designed to provide users with a user-friendly interface and a clean and professional design that will keep visitors engaged.

    The theme has a fully responsive design that can adapt to any screen size. The theme also has a variety of customization options, allowing users to change the color scheme, fonts, and layout of their website.

    As this WordPress theme is WooCommerce compatible, adding shopping carts has become simpler and more convenient. This WordPress theme is compatible with some of the most important plugins, including BuddyPress and bbPress.

    SKT Insurance

    The SKT Insurance theme was created with insurance firms and other websites with a financial focus in mind. The appealing style of this WordPress theme for insurance websites is intended to draw in viewers. This WordPress theme may be considered by users to be the full-service ready-made solution for their website.

    The homepage of this free WordPress theme for an insurance firm is appealing. This theme’s compatibility with well-known insurance plugins, which enables you to effortlessly add insurance calculators, forms, and other elements to your website, is one of its important advantages.

    Overall, any insurance firm searching for a polished and user-friendly website should consider using the SKT Insurance theme.


    SKT UI UX is a user interface and user experience design company that has gained an excellent reputation in the industry. They specialize in creating visually appealing and easy-to-use website designs that enhance a user’s experience.

    The team at SKT UI UX believes that every website should have a unique design and should also be optimized for the best user experience.

    The company works closely with its clients to understand their requirements and create designs that meet their needs. SKT UI UX is known for its professionalism, creativity, and ability to deliver projects on time.

    The company has a team of highly skilled designers who are always up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies. If you’re looking for a company that can take your website to the next level, SKT UI UX is definitely worth checking out.

    SKT Skin Care

    The SKT Skin Care theme is ideal for dermatological practices, skincare, and other websites for businesses involved in the skincare industry. This free WordPress theme with image gallery for a dermatological clinic is suited for new users and does not need help from a specialist.

    The documentation for this outstanding WordPress theme for dermatological clinic websites is extensive.

    The theme is fully responsive, which means that it looks great on any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. It also comes with a number of features that are ideal for a skincare website, such as a responsive slider, custom widgets, and a dedicated blog section.

    SKT Sandwich

    For companies with websites related to the food industry, such as restaurants, fast food outlets, bakeries, and others, GB Sandwich Lite is the finest free Chinese restaurant WordPress theme. It is a very dynamic and adaptable theme that works for many different company categories.

    This WordPress theme’s code was created using HTML5. An inner banner that is editable is included with the GB Sandwich Lite theme. The functionality of this WordPress theme is improved by the page builder’s compatibility with Gutenberg.

    SKT Plants

    GB Plants is the greatest free houseplants WordPress theme to support your company website whether you run a houseplant business, sell plants, or are involved in the greenery industry.

    All the professionals have employed CSS effects to maintain the WordPress theme’s promptness. This WordPress theme is cross-device compatible since it is fully responsive and easy to see on any mobile device.

    Whether you are creating a blog about gardening tips and tricks, an online store selling plants and gardening tools, or a website for a landscaping business, the SKT Plants theme is sure to provide you with the tools and features you need to create a stunning and professional-looking website.

    So if you’re looking for a beautiful and functional WordPress theme for your plant-related website, be sure to check out the SKT Plants theme today!

    SKT Resort

    SKT Resort is an excellent theme for hotels since it uses the Elementor page builder. It is complete compatibility with the many widgets provided by the CMS platform, including ad widgets, general widgets, and others. The compatible with a variety of distinctive icons, including quick-loading social icons.

    Additionally, the WordPress themes free Download is already includes more than 2000 icons. Your clients will find it simpler to take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers if you add a calendar plugin to your website. The capability may be used to host any event.

    SKT Karate

    The SKT Karate WordPress theme is appropriate for websites for martial arts and karate schools, karate instructors, self-defense trainers, and other sports-related businesses.

    This Free Taekwondo WordPress Theme’s functionality is improved with the pre-built demo content and the Elementor page builder. Each template may be set up without any effort. The theme’s calculator plugins assist in calculating the cost of lessons or coaching fees.

    SKT Ecology

    Are you looking for an eco-friendly theme for your ecological and sustainable business? Then, look no further than the SKT Ecology Lite theme. This theme is the best free ecology WordPress theme for any eco-friendly website.

    This free WordPress theme is the ideal fit for any website concerning environmental niches. Green businesses, reusable organic food websites, environment-friendly non-profit organizations, waste management and cleaning service providers, and all other websites emphasizing recycling and conserving the environment can utilize this theme.

    Palm Healing Lite

    This free theme is particularly intended for Reiki practitioners, spiritual healers, acupuncture practitioners, crystal therapists, and other websites that deal with energy healing. This outstanding theme loads quickly and is not heavy.

    The Palm Healing Lite theme complies with RTL and is prepared for translation. This WordPress themes free Download is user-friendly and very responsive. This free WordPress theme with image gallery has a very appealing aesthetic style with a sophisticated feel.

    SKT Generic

    A free generic WordPress theme for agencies, blogs, businesses, and other types of websites, SKT Generic Lite is clean, corporate, creative, event-focused, simple, and contemporary.

    It’s simple to install and maintain this theme. This WordPress theme is dependable and very responsive.

    This theme is compatible with a variety of browsers. Any professional website will look great with this theme. SKT Generic Lite has a highly polished and appealing appearance that will draw visitors to your website.

    1. Why our free WordPress themes are Unique?

    What is different in our free WordPress themes? And why are they unique and different from the rest of the themes available outside.

    Things to know before getting start with WordPress platform
    To get success in web world and to leave your mark it is important to have a strong online presence. While creating a blog or a website for any kind of niche it is very important to choose perfect blogging platform that will enlarge your business all over the world.

    And one of the best platforms till date is considered to because it has provided with so many flexibility, liberty, extensibility, and independence control to all beginners and professionals.

    Actually is an open source platform that can be utilized by a person having a huge budget so zero budget. It is supported with free WordPress templates and free WordPress tools known as plugins that will make your website more functional and reachable to clients.

    There are many other reason that why everyone or at least beginner should prefer WordPress rather than other CMS. Some highlighted features of WordPress are user friendly, responsive, multilingual support, cross browser independent, easy to use, and so on.

    The task of selecting a theme that appears great on the web and available at free of cost is not an easy job. The WP theme which is designed in poor sense can cost you a big amount i.e. you may lost your traffic and potential customers. Numbers of factors are there that should be considered first.

    • Reviews

    Review is the most important factor that should be consider while choosing a template. The theme with number of reviews is considered to be best template. Whereas number of bad reviews will be considered as website with poor performance. So make sure to choose a template that has good number of reviews.

    • Responsive

    Major factor of a WP template is that it should be mobile friendly as much as possible. More than 60% of users browse for their needs through mobile phones so it becomes obvious that having a responsive theme will help you to target more audiences. Thus, always try to pick a template that appears great on every mobile devices and browsers.

    • Simplistic

    The template with lots of features can slow down your website performance and the speed because it might be included with extensive features that you never needed. As a result such templates will confuse readers. Selecting a template that has crafted by focusing more in simplicity will help you to get recognized in the web world.

    • Easy to understand

    The templates included with rich features may hurt you plus it might slow down your website performance. Therefore while choosing a theme make sure you have gone through each and every feature that will be helpful for you. For example the theme supporting gaming or music player might be impressive but those features can hurt your business website performance. Such themes do not focus on security.

    • Color picker and font option

     It is very important that the theme should be provided with color picker and Google fonts option so that you can modify your websites typography to suit your logo. Sometimes colors and fonts also help you to get your targeted audiences attracted towards your business.

    For example if your target audiences are old age person than why would you require a fancy font? They just love professional, simple and plan fonts that are easy to read. So make your choice according to it.

    • Plugin compatibility

    To follow latest trend and to make your website more functional it is important that the WP template you choose are compatible with WordPress plugins. Some themes have compatibility issue with plugins therefore it becomes crucial to check whether the template is supported with latest WordPress plugins or not.

    You will find some many tools where you can check your website performance and it will also let you know that the plugin you installed on your website is working properly or not. Plugins are important because it add new features to your website that is not provided by your template.

    To get started with WordPress creation using free themes you first need to purchase a domain name to get online presence. Domain name will be address of your website on web. Moreover you will also need a small budget for purchasing WordPress web hosting where your website is build.

    Even if you don’t have budget then also you can get started with WordPress by choosing free hosting services. Top free WordPress hosting service provider are,, and InfinityFree. These hosting services gives you limited features but they are sufficient to get online presence for a small scale based businesses.

    Once you have done with domain name and hosting service now it’s time to choose a theme for your business website or blog. On the internet if you Google for ‘free WordPress themes’ you will find that there are lots of templates.

    Additionally if you are looking for trustworthy template that provide professional services then you can access themes from official WordPress repository but again there are more than 4000+ WordPress themes which are available for free.

    This is because WordPress has a huge competition in web world and the task of choosing one single template over 4000+ becomes a headache. This is the main reason why we come up with this post.

    However if you are in hunt of free starter themes that is suitable for several purposes such as ecommerce store, personal website, corporate business website, blog, portfolio, startups, shops, magazines, travel website and so on, then you can choose a template from SKT free themes that are suitable for all businesses.

    Free WordPress themes with image gallery for getting an online presence?
    This question often strikes users while choosing a template for getting impressive online presence. And this is obvious because we don’t want to take even a 1% of chance of getting failure in the web market. You might hear many times that free stuff are restricted and comes with minimalistic features.

    At some extend this can be considered as a true statement but you cannot neglect the fact that more than millions of users are still prefer free WordPress theme rather than the paid one for getting their business online.

    Free themes are meant for those who do not belong to technical field or a person having less computer knowledge so that they can use those themes and get professional online appearance for their business without hiring any developer or designer which might cost more than 500 dollars.
    Free themes are developed in such a way that it has minimalistic features which is very simple and easy to implement on your website even by a normal users

    The best part of SKT free themes are
    The SKT a free theme has set of some templates that come with incredible, beauty, plainness user experience. For non technical or non coder users a premium theme can be a little messy or complicated. Some paid templates come with so many advance features that may be not in need if you are looking to create a website for small company.

    Some important points are given below that why you should chose free WordPress themes

    • It is free to use

    The biggest and helpful point is that now you can create a website for your business without investing a single dollar. At free of cost you can access to free starter templates. You will be able to save your money and can invest it on other required stuff.

    • Low quality is just a tale

    Free templates are used by number of users in reality. That means free themes do not compromise on quality as they have number of users already. Free themes are used by so many owners for various businesses purpose. One of the best examples who uses free starter themes is SKT Templates which has more than 100,000+ of users.

    • Trust WordPress free theme providers

    It is very important to choose free theme from a trusted provider and you can trust on SKT as they make sure to update the free theme regularly and provide you bestest solution so that you do not miss any chance on web world for getting more popularity.

    • Freemium themes are awesome

    Nowadays most of the free themes available are Freemium. ‘Freemium’ is a combination of two words i.e. premium and free that means the template you get for free has some premium features that can be handle by anyone. If you ever want to upgrade your free theme to the premium for extended functionality you can. If you are looking for premium features with no cost investment than Freemium is just amazing.

    All the features listed above are supported by SKT Free Themes. SKT Free Themes are multipurpose, SEO friendly, translation ready, WooCommerce compatible, widgets option, sleek design, Light weighted, options for header and footer, shortcodes compatibility, inbuilt homepage demo content, gutenberg ready , GPL ready, Page builder compatible and it have tons of options that can be handled by a non technical person. And yes you can pick free WP themes from SKT Themes without struggling anymore.

    Lets find out from this list:

    • GPL Based: WordPress is a free WP Themes software which can be freely distributed and used for creating wonderful websites for personal as well as commercial use. People download WordPress and use it on their hosting and without paying anything. Hence it has become the world’s most used CMS currently.

    Now a free WordPress theme is a collection of PHP files, JS files as well as CSS and images. These files are then packaged into a zip which is known as a WordPress theme file. If you can use these set of files and custom code as well something and the derivative work also remains free to use then how good will it be?

    Hence people love the GPL.

    • Modern look and feel: Most sites look boring and most free WP themes have been launched from the year of 2005 to till date and they look bland and as they say free ones are free so you get what you pay for.

    But this has been changed when we started building free WP themes. Free WP themes although are free should be modern and look and feel should look like most sites of this age and that is the reason why people download these free WP themes.

    • Colours of buttons and links: Since these free WordPress themes are free well many people would like to use them and use them on their websites. So you need something to differentiate from others and hence what we did was kept the button and link colour changeable and hence you can get the feeling of something unique and differentiate your website from the rest of the others and match the colours of buttons and links as per the colour of your logo.
    • Slider images: Images and visuals speak often more than words and they convey any message very quickly and hence we have used sliders on all of our WP free templates. Sliders are hence used and one can easily change the slider images as per the dimensions mentioned inside for any of our theme for their website.
    • Images everywhere: Images everywhere on our themes can be changed easily thus making the site distinct on its own and different that the rest of the others using the same theme.
    • Homepage set up easy: Set up is often a problem however with complete documentation done for theme one can easily set up the homepage out of the box. Its like a plug and play kind of system for our free templates.
    • Feature friendly: Lots of features are included in the free WordPress themes with starter templates and plugin compatibility is included which will blow of your mind and you can certainly build a big website in no time using these free ones.
    • Social icons included: Social networking sites and their site links are mostly shared nowadays on websites because people can interact easily on social networking websites rather than on a website and they need not create any login separately as well for them. Hence due to the ease of use and to increase traffic and interaction our free WordPress theme website templates are included with social icons and the most common ones so that users who use of templates can link to them easily.
    • Different industries can be targeted: Different themes are created which are suitable for all kinds of industries and hence different industries and different website types can be easily created by web developers or users by using these themes. So basically these themes are not related to particular type and by changing colors, images and text one can easily create a distinct and unique niche website as per their industry and domain.

    2. How to Use our Free WordPress Themes?

    Kindly go to any theme and click on the theme. View the demo and if you like it then kindly click on the download. It will download the zip file for you.

    Now you need to kindly go to appearance>themes>add new and upload theme>Choose file.

    You will be prompted to upload the new zip file.

    Once uploaded you need to activate the theme.

    Once activated kindly either go to Appearance>Customize to manage the theme options or go to appearance>theme options based on the framework used to develop the free template.

    For changing WordPress theme process is the same and you need to activate the new theme to replace the old one.

    3. Customizer Features

    Customizer is a framework built inside WordPress itself and hence it is currently the best way to develop any WordPress theme whether free or paid.

    It provides a simple and easy to use interface to any user as all they have to do is click on Appearance>Customize and check the settings tab available with the theme.

    Changing settings is easier and as the user keeps on changing the settings it gets recorded and happening on the right end of the screen so basically you can view the changes live happening before saving the changes.

    Customizer API is object oriented and can be developed based on the user role as well. Settings of the Customizer are saved in database.

    Default customizer options that are mostly included with any theme are: Site title and tagline, Background and header image, colors, navigation menu, widgets panel, and Static front page setting. However developers can add various custom functions depending on the requirements of the theme to satisfy user end interaction and functionality.

    Although customizer API is based on Javascript and hence sometimes gets slower but since it is core WordPress dependant it is the better way and the future of all theme development.

    Developers can add as many panels as essential and can also add as many contextual controls within sections of each panels.

    So multiple user interface for settings can be easily achieved by various deep levels of functionality.

    4. Theme Options Features

    Theme options are the most easiest and the biggest advantage of them over standard WordPress Customizer is that they are uncluttered and the space can be utilised properly.

    Also they are also easy to use and easy to add lots of options. The main problem with customizer is that with more options the number of levels the user has to dig into increases and the forward and backward increases.

    Hence customizer is uncluttered and you can list as many options as you want in a single tab itself.

    However changes happen in the backend and everytime you change something you need to go to frontend and checkout the changes.

    5. Design Point of View

    Design point of view our free WordPress themes with starter templates are the best in class available around the world with focus on aesthetics and look and feel and modern and creatives handled beautifully.

    All the free templates are Flat design UI with latest modern techniques and styles.

    6. Responsive and Mobile Friendliness

    All these free WordPress themes are tested with Google mobile friendly test and passed them properly and are of responsive nature with hand held devices as well as smartphones and mobile devices as well as tablets tested properly.

    7. Fast Loading

    How good is a website if it loads slow and hence minimal use of CSS and JS as well as optimized images are used in our theme with the best coding practices so that these WordPress themes free load super fast under any circumstances or hosting.

    8. SEO Friendliness

    SEO friendliness is desired and hence properly metas and headings have been considered and semantic coding has been done properly on all WordPress themes free.

    9. Pixel Perfect

    These WordPress themes free websites have been coded as pixel perfect and design shown matches the demo exactly.

    10. HTML 5 based

    HTML5 based means that newest standards of HTML have been applied and that this theme will comply the latest standards.

    11. CSS 3 based

    CSS3 based means that latest CSS standards and their changes like shadow and gradient via css or round buttons etc can be easily done using these themes.

    12. Translation Ready

    Translation readiness is again desired as many customers and users who use WordPress free themes aren’t native English speakers and hence each theme consists of Po file which can be used to easily convert the themes into any language they need.

    13. Multilingual

    Multilingual is desired and hence all the themes are tested with multilingual plugins. So if you need multiple languages website as your customer base is in different countries you can easily do so.

    14. Huge list of Plugin Compatibility

    There are more than 5000+ plugins in the repository and for each and everything there is a plugin. Hence plugin compatibility can increase the chances of usage of any theme and one can easily create any website as additional functionality will be taken care of using a plugin and hence we have focussed on full plugin compatibility and many of them are compatible with the theme.

    15. Codex Theme Standard

    Codex WordPress theme standard is based on various rules which include security rules as well and hence our free templates in WordPress are very secured and of highest coding standards.

    16. Importance of Free WordPress Themes for Small Business and Budget Friendliness

    Most people in search of better opportunities often try their hand in entrepreneurship and thus give birth to local small business which leads them to opening their business at their own place or nearby.

    The business can vary from product to service to any idea one can think of. Small local business however find it very hard to compete with bigger companies who have monopoly over pricing, customers, can pay more for advertising and have more customers to show their testimonials and previous reliability.

    Hence its important that a website for any local business should focus on information at hand, reliability, how they started it, why its unique or why their service or offering is unique, why people should consider doing business with them and what’s different and their testimonials, and contact form and location map.

    Of course for all of these to be properly laid out in a website it is essential that spending is done and of course quality work with cost money and web development doesn’t come that cheap and hence its better to consider local business free WordPress templates which can come in handy to build your website as easily as you want.

    Multi tasking is what is done in startups where the same person is required to do various tasks. Like the owner might be involved in human resources and hiring as well as project management.

    A startup which is also a local business hence can’t burn their pockets initially and hence the necessity for a reliable website but yet at the cheapest of costs is what we are looking into.

    Lets first understand what are the most important factors necessary in a local business website:

    • Mobile friendly: As you know the whole world accesses using smart phones and hand held devices and hence responsive and mobile friendly websites have become talk of the town and it is better to have a mobile friendly website because many users visit your website using their smartphones and hand held devices. Its better not to ignore these users and visitors and have a website which can cater to these kind of users.
    • Simple layout: Simple layout is often most desired and necessary for any visitor of a website because with simple layout focus is more on the info and graphics of the website and one can easily read content as well as navigate easily through the pages of the website.
    • Call to action: Call to action is essential as call to action increases the chances of any visitor to your visitor easily finding the way to connect with you and contact you. Call to actions can be in the way of form like subscription form or contact form or social networking profiles or phone numbers and email addresses.Or it could be Google map coupled with direct address of the business written.
    • Local SEO: Local SEO is essential as local traffic will come only through that way so local classifieds and local business directory and listing in Google places, Yelp etc will definitely help.
    • Location and Contact Us: Location and Contact us as explained their significance in Call to action are essential backbone for any small or local business.
    • Social Profiles: Social profiles are essential nowadays as many users find it easier to find your business through them and connect with you or your business on those sites.
    • Information laid out properly: Information laid out properly is readable easily and can be navigated well. Hence these WordPress themes free present the information in the most easily readable manner

    As you can see the above items and readily met and available in most of the free WordPress templates available with us it can be said that all they need to do is try them out free of cost and check which one suits best their requirements.

    These free WordPress themes are capable of getting them a decent local business website in no time and also without any cost because these themes are do it yourself and since they are built on top of WordPress CMS they are scalable as well as flexible.

    In future when they have enough money they can hire a WordPress developer as well to get a better website done.

    Following are the Best Free WordPress Themes 2023

    WordPress is considered as one of the most successful, suitable and reliable content management systems to create and manage any type of web content online. It has become a powerful tool, which makes website creation accessible to every single person around the world.

    WordPress has an amazingly user and visitor-friendly structure and interface, so that the process of dealing with free WordPress based website both for the website owner and its visitors becomes curious and entertaining, instead of being heavy, laborious and boring.

    Another noteworthy advantage of free WordPress themes is their easy to set up, as WordPress is mostly famous for its several-minute installation, saving your precious time. This article discusses the most essential and basic elements of free templates launched and developed by WordPress for making your desired project a reality.

    Irrespective of your web development skill-set and knowledge level, you will be able to gain maximum benefit from the chosen WordPress theme. The authors of these WordPress free templates have taken every care to ensure their functionality and sufficiently stable operation.

    Thus you have really dependable supporters in the face of WordPress products referred to in the continuation of this article. All of them are power-packed with the most outstanding and applicable features and elements to be used accordingly and create your target online presentation in the most successful way.

    1. SKT Girlie
    Let’s start with amazingly beautiful, highly customizable and functional girly or feminine free WordPress theme with distinct and perceptible feminine touches comprised in the theme interface.

    This bright and lovely product is ideal for any kind of woman-centric or woman-managed content publishing online and shows fantastic responsiveness when working on diverse devices and mobiles and adjusts itself to achieve the desired fit and appearance according to the relevant screen size.

    Girlie Lite incorporates several useful and feasible homepage sections, including home, about, blog, gallery, contact us and others, which are more than enough for comprehensive and thorough display of relevant content, images, details, news and services.

    The shop section and theme compatibility with WooCommerce plugin make it possible to run a competitive and prominent online shop. Animated ready to use slider can be showcased with the most alluring and eye-catching images covering your individual or business activities.

    2. Movers and Packers
    Movers and Packers will give you ultimate possibilities to take advantage over many other rival companies and organizations and attract large number of clients and customers.

    This free WordPress theme with outstandingly responsive and mobile and device-friendly layout is developed to cover any kind of moving, packing, towering, logistics, construction, real estate, consulting, sales or other relevant business and corporate activity presentation in the interactive world.

    This conveniently designed and functionally saturated theme for free comes with homepage default beautiful slider with available 3 slides, minutely worked out sections to provide all the interested companies and individuals with details regarding your business, including your activity description, contact details and rendering services.

    Movers and Packers is user-friendly theme, which allows undertaking certain changes within the theme very quickly and effectively without any confusion. This product also shows perfect cooperation with a wide range of popular plugins- WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, Contact Form 7 included.

    3. Naturo Lite
    Naturo Lite is calm and compact looking, highly flexible and adaptive free WordPress theme of production ready to cater to any personal or corporate undertaking, company, agency, studio, fund, organization, professional portfolio of any kind and description. Take this minimalistic and versatile layout for free and create the website meeting your objectives and aims.

    Naturo Lite presents itself a really simple and fast to use and edit structure with the help of numerous theme settings and features. This theme is packed with ready homepage slider with up to 5 applicable sliders, customizer integration and is based on HTML5 and CSS3 coding. Naturo Lite with its elegant look and functionality is highly optimized for operating with diverse popular and modern devices, mobiles and a wide range of useful and requested plugins.

    4. Gravida Lite
    If you are looking for a modernly desinged, bright looking and greatly customizable free WordPress template to have at your disposal for the best online manifestation of your website, here is Gravida Lite for you with its responsiveness and cross device and mobile compatible characteristics.

    This responsive and easy to use theme is armed with homepage full width slider with the possibility of adding up to 5 slides in order to focus the website visitors attention on the most relevant images and its accompanying content, 5 dropdown level navigation, social media icons to connect with the world’s largest social and professional networking websites, standard pages integration like 404, search, blog, etc and the overall suitably disposed theme sections and areas to be used accordingly to meet all the requirements set before the theme.

    By using Gravida Lite you won’t have any problems when trying to use your website for commercial and trade purposes, as this theme functions perfectly with WooCommerce making it shop or E-Commerce ready.

    5. Hotel Lite
    Hotel Lite is another best free WordPress theme, minutely crafted and developed for hotels, hostels, guesthouse, pub, cafe, restaurant and other hospitality businesses to showcase their rooms, reception, location, services, facilities, sharing the most attractive photos of them, etc.

    This fast loading and high-quality theme will take care of your website presentable look and feel. Chose Hotel Lite as a foundation of your future website and you’ll gain a successful and competitive one at no cost at all.

    This template shows ultimate responsiveness and resizes itself to fit the appropriate screen resolution of any device, mobile, laptop or tablet, hence providing great usage comfort and convenience for each single website user.

    Some of theme features are homepage default slider with possible 5 slides, Google fonts and social integration, conformity to SEO and WordPress latest version standards and requirements and is built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 strong coding.

    6. Kraft Lite
    Kraft Lite deems to be ideal for those appreciating visual appeal, modern design, flexibility, functionality and readiness. This professional and adaptive WordPress free theme proposed to you incorporates a wide range of possible design and structural solutions for your website of any purpose and requirement, be it a personal, business or corporate one. Kraft Lite will definitely function in your favor and will be your supporter while dealing with any step of your website creation and management process.

    This easy to manage layout is praised for its outstanding and user-friendly design, requiring little effort and time from you and includes powerful theme options, features and elements, like homepage slider foreseen to operate with 5 slides, standard pages and social media icons inclusion, functionality with diverse valuable plugins, including WooCommerce, Nextgen Gallery and Contact Form 7 and available complete documentation coming along the theme.

    7. IT Consultant Lite
    IT Consultant Lite is smart and accurate-looking, extensively crafted, dynamic, modern and highly flexible free WordPress theme at your full command and control. It can be a preferable option for you in case you have made up your mind to undertake an activity engaged in professional IT consulting services.

    IT Consultant Lite has been carefully developed by professional to represent an ideal model for displaying all the necessary information about your company or agency, its specialists, their experience, services, price range and many more. Assertively utilize all available theme tools and elements to reach your website full potential and gradually enlarging the group of your potential clients and fans.

    This adaptable and dependable product with available homepage slider, standard pages inclusion and close compatibility with different plugins is also built with WordPress customizer, which provides a consistent interface for website users to make changes within the theme and live-preview them.

    8. Beauty Spa Lite
    Beauty Spa Lite is nicely designed and functionally saturated free WordPress theme based design professionally launched and developed by SKT Themes professionals.

    This alluring and catchy product is intended to proudly represent any website or blog in relation to beauty or hair salon, spa or massage centre, nail or tattoo salon, yoga, wellness centre or any other proper initiative and looks and functions great on diverse mobiles and devices, without affecting its quality and restructuring itself to correspond to the relevant screen dimensions.

    Home, about, services, contact us sections can be used in the best and the most productive way to keep your clients informed all the time, posting your contacts, available specialists and services, prices, trainings and programs, discounts, etc. and any current changes thereof.

    Animated slider on the homepage with 5 slides availability, footer are with contact info and social media icons, easy management and customization of theme sections, areas and options, uttermost responsiveness and mobile and device-friendliness of the theme turn Beauty Spa Lite into one of the most preferable and trustworthy website foundations.

    9. SKT Bakery Lite
    SKT Bakery Lite is elegant, freshly looking, attractive and extensively convenient free WordPress template, which will presumably an awesome platform to under your supervision to built an up-to-date, stable and creditable food or drink-centric website, be it a bakery shop, cafe, restaurant, bar, bistro, coffee shop, food or recipe blogger or enthusiast.

    The arsenal of SKT Bakery Lite include animated and lively full screen homepage slider to showcase whatever is needed in the most attractive way with the help of 5 different slides, all the necessary homepage sections to be filled in with the requested details for promoting your website on the relevant market, WordPress customizer, E-Commerce readiness for shopping and trade with its functionality with WooCommerce plugin and many other features and tools.

    10. Fitness Lite
    Along with the ongoing popularity of numerous fitness and gym centres, people’s inclination to subscribe to them and run a healthy lifestyle large number of fitness-related WordPress themes have been launched. Fitness Lite deserves special attention among them, being strong and smart, graphically expressive, highly versatile, powerful and flexible product offered to the customers for free.

    Fitness Lite will support you to create the image of your fitness, training centre or gym and acquire your worthy position in the marketplace. This theme is full of feasible and easy to access features and tools, among them default Customizer API to review the undertaken changes, smart and expressive slider with 5 slides spanning along the homepage, fitting homepage sections and boxes to highlight all the noteworthy information about your fitness centre activities, and allows you to control and edit your website even intuitively, without certain professional skills and web development knowledge.

    11. Bizness Lite
    Bizness Lite is bright and lively, professional and powerful, adaptable and customizable, flexible and smart free product supported by WordPress. Being thoroughly worked out and designed by the professionals to cover especially business or corporate presentation, irrespective of its direction, type and description, this theme is supposed to take one of the leading positions in the rank of WordPress templates with business convenience structure and interface.

    Bizness Lite features a full width slider on the homepage to emphasize the key points and principles of the relevant business or undertaking by means of impressive images and content, overall easy to use, manage and edit homepage sections and options, standard pages integration, conformity to SEO and HTML5 and CSS3 standards and provides perfect responsiveness so that your business website will be accessible to everyone irrespective of the mobile or device used.

    12. Wedding Lite
    Wedding Lite is positively looking, brightly and beautifully crafted. pink and white dominant free WordPress layout, on the basis of which every couple can create their life story by highlighting the most important life events- engagement, marriage, birthdays, etc online and letting all relatives and friends share their best moments.

    Wedding Lite can also be successfully used by wedding organizer companies and agencies, as well as wedding magazines, as the structural and external peculiarities of this theme are particularly suitable for any event and presentation having any tie with wedding experience. This theme is also armed with all the required qualities to make your website shine among many others.

    13. SKT White
    SKT White is one of the most preferable, professionally crafted and developed, functionally saturated, yet customer-friendly, light in usage, very flexible and adaptable, highly customizable, elegant looking and alluring, catchy and impressive products of WordPress community for free.

    This feature-rich and outstandingly smart theme will for sure be a perfect
    acquisition for you to create, develop, promote and run your website on the online platform. With SKT Theme your website will be fully responsive and will go hand in hand with all the modern and frequently used mobiles, tablets, etc., ensuring stunning look and feel all the time.

    Add 5 different slides on the ready to use nice slider and create unmatched look for your website, emphasizing the most relevant information via images and text.

    This can also increase your visitor’s and customer’s engagement to your website. SKT White comes with awesome disposition of homepage sections and areas, perfect navigation with up to 5 dropdown levels, more than 30 social media icons and strong HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

    14. SKT Full Width
    SKT Full Width is another noteworthy free template based on WordPress, suggested at present as a reliable and strong one. It is modern and attractive, bright and lively, flexible and entirely configurable, allowing you to make certain changes in order to rearrange the overall appearance and functionality of theme to match the requirements and demands assigned to the target website.

    Acquire this power-packed and all-inclusive product and you will not be faced with any problem while running your website or blog, be it personal or individual, business or corporate, agency or fund, portfolio or something else.

    Customize your homepage background with the help of alluring full-width slides depicting your professional photos or images of your relevant activity and by this add professionalism to your website and give a tailored-look to it.

    15. SKT Panaroma
    One more visually and graphically extensive and engaging, eye-catching and beautiful, modern looking and professionally designed theme, the external advantages of which are closely intertwines with theme lightness, resilience, intelligence and sensibility, making this product very demanded and estimates on the relevant market.

    SKT Panaroma gives you all the chances to attract your visitors’ attention and direct their concentration on the images by means of beautiful 5 different slides extending along the whole homepage.

    This smart and highly versatile theme is constantly checked and tested for its responsiveness and cross-device and mobile perfect compatibility, thus keeping its exceptional appearance and high-quality no matter on what device it appears.

    Edit and fill home and about us sections with all the relevant information about your ongoing activity and always keep it up-to-date, in this way keeping the freshness and accuracy of your website at high level. This multipurpose theme is well optimized for working with major and popular plugins and meeting SEO and SMO standards and requirements.

    16. SKT Construction Lite
    SKT Construction Lite represents a mixture of professionalism, all-inclusiveness, feature-rich structure, high quality and lightness in usage, easy configuration and arrangement.

    This is another free template of WordPress output at your disposal to built a booming and continuously developing website, relating to all sorts and branches of construction, architecture, building industry, companies, organizations, agencies, services, products and many more.

    SKT Construction Lite has been minutely and deliberately crafted to keep pace with all the modern technological products and their requirement and always be accessible and reachable when being tested on diverse devices and gadgets, thanks to its fully responsive fashion.

    The theme has on its basis the customizer API for controlling and checking changes even before they appear, comes with default homepage slider for showcasing whatever is needed mostly at the moment, standard pages integration, functionality with WooCommerce for online E-Commerce activities, NextGen Gallery, Contact Form 7 and other plugins.

    17. SKT Towing

    SKT Towing is fast working, highly compatible, professionally arranged and developed, visually strong and stable, entirely flexible and user-friendly towing WordPress template, which can be accessed for free. This can be ideal selection to cover your towing, automotive, vehicular, repairing undertakings, centres and services or any other auto and vehicle-related activities.

    With the great support of this adaptable and accurate theme you will be able to have complete control over your business online presentation, which is of utmost importance in today’s business industry. SKT Towing is built on entirely responsive platform, making this theme mobile and device friendly and compatible.

    This free WordPress product for download comes with perfect theme customizer to supervise changes, simple and flexible theme sections and areas to make the website comfortable and easy in usage for the potential clients and supports utmost functionality with a wide range of diverse modern and feasible plugins.

    18. Yogi Lite
    Here is a noteworthy online tool for those who have set their mind to start yoga, fitness, health, spa, massage or other related business. This free theme is praised for its beautiful and elegant appearance with prevailing white space and sky-blue alluring shades across the theme, flexible and well-developed theme structure, based on customizer allowing to edit and manage your website only with several clicks, and being extremely suitable for website visitors to gain excellent visitor experience.

    Yogi Lite is conveniently batched with all the demanded theme sections and boxes, like home and about us to present yourself and your yoga or fitness-centric business, its history and achievements, classes to let your customers be aware of ongoing and upcoming classes and trainings and their schedules, trainers to represent your best specialists and highlight their professional skills, 5 slides adding possibility to strengthen the visual impact on the visitor, documentation included, widget-ready sidebar and other awesome features and elements within the theme.

    19. SKT Magazine
    SKT Magazine is another free reliable foundation for any website, which has been precisely and properly crafted by WordPress community. This entertaining and dynamic, catchy and modern-looking, smart and resourceful, adaptable and easy accessible theme has all the prerequisites to turn out to be the only WordPress template you’ll ever need for creating and running an outstanding and popular online product in the name of your magazine or news website covering lots of topics- politics, culture, fashion, sports, tech, gossip, games and many others and keeping millions of visitors coming back to your website over and over.

    SKT Magazine offers a fully responsive and mobile-friendly layout for constant access to the website, as well as provides great cooperation with a bunch of plugins, like NextGen Gallery, offering an outstanding gallery management and control system with the ability to upload, import, delete, rearrange, sort images and photos and many more, WooCommerce for online trade and shopping purposes and diverse social media plugins.

    20. CutsNStyle Lite
    CutsNStyle Lite is stylish and modern looking, attractively designed and visually effective, simple and user and customer-friendly, yet flexible and adaptable, free yet priceless WordPress product to furnish you with high-ranked website of any direction and content. This adoptive and easy to use, manage and control theme is decently convenient for any individual or corporate presentation relating to hair salon, spa centre, massage centre, tattoo art, nail salon, make up studio, atelier or other feminine, style or fashion-oriented businesses.

    Is overloaded with nicely designed interface, having on the basis the combination of dark shades and white color with certain pink touches, full width slider on the top for promoting your business and highlighting its strong and basic points with the help of visually aesthetic images and is tested to support perfect operation with divers mobiles and devices, as well as several applicable and useful plugins, making CutsNStyle Lite a really competitive one among manifold relevant themes proposed at present.

    21. Spirited Lite
    In case you have set your mind on building a modern and top-rated website on today’s popular online network and have easy and fast access to it, whenever is needed, here is Spirited Lite at your full command. This free and lightweight theme immediately attracts the onlooker with its ethereal and soft design and prevailing white space with blue colour combination.

    Apart from being visually and graphically eye-catching, this free WordPress layout suggests interactive and customizable structure, with the help of which your website can be modified and rearranged to meet all the requirements and claims set before it.

    Although Spirited Lite can be beneficially utilized to cover any activity, personal and individual among them, this theme is primarily crafted and developed to cater to business and corporate needs of any description. It has been checked for and confirmed by its super operational practice with diverse mobiles, devices and platforms, as well as with multiple plugins standards and elements.

    22. SKT Charity
    Charity Pro has managed to prove itself as the best promoter of any non-commercial, non-profit, charity and donation companies and funds. Having this clever and intelligent, professional and graceful, simple and adaptable free WordPress product as a solid foundation, everyone is capable of launching charity undertakings, carry out humanitarian projects and try to solve a number of problems worldwide with which humanity is faced at present.

    Your call for creating better world and making an investment in the better future will certainly be heard and will receive feedback with the great help and support of your relevant website. Charity Pro can also be boasted for its entire responsiveness and mobile and device-friendliness, easy customization with numerous theme options, features and elements, homepage ready slider with the available 3 slides on it, navigation with up to 5 levels, standard pages and social icons integration and super compatibility with a line of modern plugins.

    23. Restaurant Lite
    In the infinite diversity of today’s food and drink centres, such as restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, canteens, eating houses, saloons and others, starting this kind of business or make your existing one competitive among worldwide famous and successful undertakings seems to be a problematic one.

    However, with the right application of certain marketing ways it’ll become realistic for you to flourish your business and pointing the way of your activity to becoming a popular and frequently visited place in the nearest future. One of the above mentioned tools appears to be well crafted and presentable, splendid looking and polished, all-purpose and feature-rich WordPress template, which is at your disposal completely free.

    It is loaded with multipurpose, easy to manage and use, as well as fully responsive layout ready to appear quite accurate and suitable when exercised on any device or mobile. Restaurant Lite is power packed with astonishing theme features and choices, among them ready to use homepage slider to add up to 5 slides, pricing table plugins to create the pricing tables in the easiest way and perfect functionality with a list of other plugins.

    24. SKT Build Lite
    When it comes to creating and supervising the dynamic development of construction, industy, architecture or building related websites, SKT Build Lite comes to the rescue. With this professional and neatly designed and developed WordPress product it is not a challenge any more to come up with a way to build a prosperous and rapidly promoting website with $0 spent, as this product is granted to you for free.

    The theme has a number of useful and conveniently applicable theme sections, areas and options to present your company or agency dealing with construction and architecture in the most respectable way, including home, services and contact sections, gallery section for the most featured images presentation, support and documentation coming along the theme, several social icons and standard pages integration, as well as high optimization for functioning with various fitting plugins.

    25. Healing Touch Lite
    Dealing with health and medical issues, one of the most essential and significant points is gaining people’s trust and loyalty, therefore everything in relation to your relevant activity must be under strong control and surveillance all the time.

    Healing Touch Lite, produced by SKT Themes, will certainly ensure your constant access and easy management of your website in order to guarantee your online presence against flaws and defects. It is high quality, perfectly convenient, visually clean and serious, highly adaptable and customizable, mobile, device and user friendly medical, health and doctor WordPress product for free.

    Healing Touch Lite is built on WordPress customizer to get down to certain changes and customization of your website, up to 5 level navigation support, standard pages integration, has extensive HTML5 & CSS3 encoding and feels dandy and comfortable while working with couple of modern requested plugins.

    26. I Am One
    I Am One is creative and modern, visually eye-catching and graphically alluring, catchy and beautiful, fully dynamic and well structured, flexible and adaptable free WordPress template to cover as diverse undertakings and businesses as you would like, be it individual or personal work or hobby, business or corporate activity of any kind, photography, agency, profit or non-profit organization, adult or kid related activity or something of other kind.

    This multipurpose and functionally saturated theme is awesomely responsive and runs perfectly on many devices, mobiles and tablets, providing exclusive look and appearance of your target website. I Am One includes several distinct homepage sections to be filled with the most appropriate content, homepage slider for showcasing your business-related photos and images, several page templates availability, standard pages like 404, search, blog, etc and is fully integrated with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and WordPress latest version requirements and claims.

    27. SKT Design Agency
    SKT Design Agency is professionally worked out, highly versatile, flexible and resilient, bright and modern looking, user and customer friendly WordPress template among the proposed free ones.

    Having its wonderful and dependable theme as the basis of your website, you can easily and advantageously present the most principal points and characteristics of it and constantly follow the development and progress of your individual or business website relating to photography, portfolio, design or something else.

    This theme deems to be ideal selection for building any kind of website, as this all-purpose and highly functional theme is strongly armed with powerful and easy to use options and features to structure and restructure your online presentation spending little time and means, including homepage slider to host up to 5 slides and visually impact your visitors and client with your works and images, widget ready sidebar, dropdown level navigation, standard pages, full responsiveness and mobile-friendliness and perfect functionality when working with WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and SEO plugins.

    28. SKT Coffee
    SKT Coffee is deliciously looking, modern designed, smart and flexible, fast and lightweight free template of WordPress production, specifically crafted and developed to cater to food and drink related activities, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, coffee lovers and other relevant businesses.

    This multipurpose theme incorporates many distinct theme features and elements to make the most outstanding and haunted website, greatly contributing to the recognition and popularity of your brand and company and making it a haunted place by people.

    Among them are beautiful and flexible slider on the homepage to add 3 slides, manifold possibilities to rearrange you website disposition and change its appearance, as the theme is based on Customizer to make easy changes and check them at the same time, Gextgen Gallery compatibility to direct the visitors attention to the most alluring and bright images and content, as well as overall easy to use and control theme framework at your command.

    29. NatureOne
    NatureOne is pure and fresh, beautiful and delightful, eye-catching and engaging, simple and adaptable free WordPress templates particularly launched and power-packed to cover nature and environment-centric topics and programs, thus, this multipurpose and easy to use theme can turn into one of the most essential and appreciable tools for nature lovers and nature preservation activists and companies, animal defenders and others, who are concerned with major nature and habitat problems, trying to exercise new and sustainable solutions for the benefit of both people and nature and preserve natural precious resources for future generations.

    NatureOne suggests lots of customization features and options and awesome functional specifications at your disposition, including nice homepage slider with several controls to hold up to 5 different slides, dropdown multilevel navigation, sidebar, full width and blog templates, standard pages integration. This reliable theme has also been repeatedly tested to correspond to modern mobile and device requirements for the best look and outward.

    30. SKT Launch
    One more modern and dynamically worked out and developed, bright and expressive, intuitive and user friendly, creative and highly customizable WordPress foundation immediately under your hand for free. This theme is praised for its all-inclusive and powerful theme package and provides you with many easy and convenient ways to deal with the development and modifications of your website in regard to launching new products or services or covering other business or undertaking of any size or direction.

    SKT Launch features animated slider on the homepage to present your coming soon product or service or whatever it is, full work correspondence to different browsers, devices and Google mobile version, WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, Contact Form 7 and xTranslate X plugin technologies to keep your website always at the highest level and is based on WordPress Customizer for your website easy configuration.

    31. SKT Corp
    With the help of SKT Corp you will come up with the right solution for your corporate, commerce or business presentation, as this theme is well designed and professional looking, powerful, smart and stable, feature-rich and fast loading, adaptable and resourceful free theme ready for WordPress to place your business website in the best light.

    This white and green all-purpose and fully responsive product perfectly displaying itself on diverse mobiles, devices and tablets will offer no difficulty for you within the processes of its launch, usage, management and control. SKT Corp is presented with power packed theme package of super functional options, features and templates, like animated slider with several effects and controls, nicely and conveniently arranged homepage sections and areas, 3 types of templates, standard pages integration and conformity to WordPress latest version and WooCommerce plugin for commercial and shop purposes.

    32. The App
    The App is simple and beautiful, modern and nice looking, suitable and user-friendly free WordPress theme with awesome flexible and adaptable design to promote your app or other product in the relevant trade market. The App is integrated with a number of opportunities and solutions available to increase your app internet presence and gaining a large group of prospective clients.

    Being highly responsive and mobile friendly, this theme is focused on usability across mobiles, tablets, devices and platforms and assures safe and sound presence of the theme on them. The overall foundation of The App supports SEO and SMO standards and is built on strong and solid HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

    It features homepage slider with available 5 slides to display your relevant images and content in relation to the target app or other product in the most attractive way, standard pages like 404, blog, search and others, home, about us, contact, gallery homepage sections to post all the requested data and information.

    33. SKT Black
    SKT Black has been confirmed as one of the best and professional, stable and dependable, elegant and modern looking themes among thousands of free WordPress themes layouts on the basis of which one you can put a website of any kind, purpose and description into work.

    It is completely and minutely prepared for creating and keeping an online attendance of your relevant business, be it individual, corporate, agency, consulting, sports, hobby, fitness, service provision or something other, which will effectively attract your visitors and convert them into potential clients.

    SKT Black grants you with an awesome theme options and features to make and remake your website appearance and functionality to satisfy all the principal requirements. This outstanding and lovely theme supports nicely arranged slider to host up to 5 different images, ability to add unlimited number of homepage sections and blocks and standard pages inclusion. This product shows full responsiveness while running on different devices, mobiles and tablets and provides marvellous look and functionality on them as well.

    34. SKT Biz
    Another elegantly and modern-crafted theme with dominant white and blue design attracts our attention as really preferential solution for business and corporate purposes to make your products and services stand out among many other proposed ones. This WordPress template for free grants all the favourable conditions and opportunities to run successful and profitable individual or corporate, profit or non-profit business by undertaking limited measures, but having an outstanding and high-quality product as a result.

    SKT Biz is packed with slider on the homepage with 5 slides for the most expressive images and information for perfect customer experience identified by the visual impact, giving your brand and company advantages and leading position in the relevant market in the mind and perception of the customers, absolutely easy to manage and edit theme sections and features, as well as blog and page templates.

    35. Photo World
    With feature rich and highly customizable layout and elegant and eye-catching design, Photo World is creatively crafted and developed to furnish you with unlimited theme potential to reach the desired rank of your website relating to photography, portfolio, art, freelancer or any other personal or business undertakings.

    In case you have made your decision to execute your website for commercial purposes, this WooCommerce compatible theme is the best selection for you, which will make the website e-commerce and shop ready and will heighten the popularity and qualification of your name and brand to meet the challenges of promoting a business at present. Photo World is also stunningly optimized for corresponding to SEO, SMO and popular plugins standards.

    36. SKT Photo Session
    The next photo-centric free item based on WordPress suitable mainly for photographers, photo agencies and photo enthusiasts is SKT Photo Session. The expressive and alluring theme appearance, as well as homepage full width slider spanning along the homepage will have great visual influence thanks to your handpicked photos and images.

    Based on strong and accurate HTML5 and CSS3 design structure and guaranteeing best performance when connected to WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and other plugins, this user and customer friendly template
    does pretty much everything to provide the exceptional look and feel of your relevant website.

    37. SKT Parallax ME
    In event of looking perfectly operating composition of simplicity, lightness and easy customization on the one hand, and strong external and internal layout, high flexibility and feature rich loading, here is SKT Parallax Me for you.

    This parallax free WordPress theme suggests endless options to customize and restructure your website to match the set demands with ease and pleasure.

    It is preloaded with home, about, gallery and other homepage sections to highlight your relevant information and photos in details, nicely crafted and exercised with one page layout for more compact and accurate appearance of the website running on it, homepage slider with the available 5 slides be added, generally easy to use and manage theme sections and areas with the application of proper theme options and elements. SKT Parallax Me is also cross browser compliant and responsively designed product.

    38. BeFit
    Strong and powerful, stable and resourceful, modern and engaging, highly functional and adaptable, all-inclusive and multipurpose, BeFit deserves its special and respectable place in our list of the best free WordPress themes 2023.

    Functioning on Customizer API, offering a standardized way to make modifications and supplements to your website and presenting it in a new and fresh way, this fitness, gym and personal trainer product can be practiced in such a way, that visitors have easy access to all the required information about your company, its location and contact details, services provided, classes and trainings, their schedule and pricelist, etc.

    This user friendly theme will also guarantee the visitors’ best experience, letting them get in touch with you without wasting time and facing other issues. BeFit with its orange and black effective design and easiness in theme edition and customization also operates well according to SEO and other plugins standards.

    39. SKT Pathway
    SKT Pathway is modern and dynamic, professional and strong, dependable and trustworthy template suggested by WordPress community for free. It is considered as a valuable and helpful online tool to build and control any website matching your imagination and desires.

    The functional and structural possibilities of this feature loaded and all-purpose theme, among them homepages slider with possible 5 slides, alluring background under your command to be customized at any time, standard pages, several page templates and other features and options will certainly speak in your favour no matter what kind of online presentation you have ventured to give a start and irrespective of your background knowledge on IT and programming. This WordPress themes free will also be accurately accessible to your website visitors via diverse technological solutions, including tablets, cell phones and other devices.

    40. Interior Lite
    Interior Lite is an easy to use free interior WordPress theme which can be used by interior designers, architects and several other portfolio and other industry websites. The large fully wide screen slider makes an impact and a difference when it comes to recognising your work immediately on the front with people appreciating your work immediately with large slides moving and fading.

    With a transparent header and a nice brown color for the overall site the links standout with the yellow color making one click on the buttons and links. Link color is manageable which makes it even interesting. Logo upload and logo textual option make it worth while for any website owner to try this free theme once for their website if they are just starting up their website.

    Static page would show the static content below the 4 services boxes which are also easy to set up and feature your services without any hassle. Social media enabled free theme ensures you have the footer links with social media so that people can interact with you on those channels as well. Sidebar is fully widget friendly with any type of widget displayed including ads, pages links, comments and blog subscription as well as contact details.

    41. SKT Strong
    It is a great WordPress theme for free which has been coded to satisfy the users need to have a quick corporate feel website. It is suited for gyms and fitness clubs as well and has been coded as per the latest free WordPress theme review guidelines.

    It has an appealing full wide screen slider on the top and a great 3 column entry on just the bottom of the slider which can contain anything important. The 3 columns on footer are also widget friendly and information there can be changed easily without any issue.

    WordPress themes free download responsive with slider
    All of these templates are WordPress themes free download responsive with slider and have been considered great because of several features and great functionality which come by default with these templates.

    42. Decor Lite
    When it comes to the interior of the home then everyone will pay a great interest. As the home is a place where we have to live. So, everyone wants things at its impeccable place. Home decor or interior plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. So, we have come forward with this free WordPress theme name “Decor Lite”.

    It is specifically suited to design websites for home decors, interior designers and any related website. It is just as elegant as you want to see your home interiors. And, designed with incorporating all the contemporary features and functionality.

    43. Fundraiser Lite
    Fundraising is one of the best social practices. Some people are much interested in conducting social events by amass funds from a group of people. There are many NGO and some public organizations also subsidize for social events. We have designed this splendid theme “Fundraiser Lite” which is the blend of latest features and aesthetic look.

    One can appeal to a larger population by designing an elegant website. It is a WordPress free theme, you need not pay anything and you can design your website on your own. Give this theme a try and make people aware of your social activities and encourage them to participate considerably.

    44. Dog Lite
    These days pets have become a crucial part of people lives. Pets are the one who takes great care of people and after some time they become a part of the family. So, everyone prefers the best things for their pets. Like if we talk about food, training and likewise.

    “Dog Lite” theme is one of the topnotch themes to design websites like a pet shop, animal husbandry, pet care and related websites. It is a free responsive WordPress theme. If you are a pet trainer or an owner of a pet shop then it is impeccable theme by using which you can design your magnificent website.

    45. Pizza Lite
    In this digital era where everything is online people become sedentary. Everyone wants things at their doorstep. So, the trend of online food delivery is burgeoning to a great extent. You can design your website and can engross a larger number of people. “Pizza lite” is an exemplary theme to design a website for restaurants, fast food center, cafe, coffee shops and other online food delivery websites. Although, it is designed to be multipurpose so one can design any kind of website using this free WordPress template. It is a concoction of prerequisite features and pleasant look and feel.

    46. SKT Spa Lite
    In this modern era, everyone wants to be up to date no matter we talk about beauty or fashion trends. We have designed “SKT Spa Lite” theme to end the search of parlors, spa center, beauty salon and like.

    To maintain your existence in this creaky competition designing website is become somewhat mandatory. SKT spa lite is bombarded with the latest technicalities and modern features.

    SEO friendly design, SMO congenial, translation ready, RTL tested and many more. These are some of the features of this theme. It is one of the best free WordPress themes by using which you can design a palpable website.

    47. Stone Lite
    Have you ever experienced a home which is designed with the alluring stones and tiles? Of course, selection of tiles or stones plays a vital role in the interior and exterior of your house or flat.

    If you are an owner of a stone shop or tile shop then you can design your sumptuous website using this theme. “Stone Lite” is designed cling to fulfill all the prerequisite features of the modern website.

    Websites are the best ways by which you can reach to more people. It is designed by strenuous efforts of our expert designers which is reflected in the theme itself. Give this theme a try and then see its results on your business.

    48. Recipe Lite
    People are fond of good food and taste. Some people are lunatic about cooking various types of foods. They are always in a search of a new food recipe and blogs about recipes.

    If you are a chef who has the dexterity to show people about your appetizing recipes and food. Then, you can design an elegant website using “Recipe Lite” theme.

    It is best free WordPress theme suited to design websites for a cafeteria, cafe, restaurant, caterer, food packaging, cookery and related website. The eye-catching images which are incarnated in the theme would tempt visitors to taste your restaurant food.

    49. Flower Shop Lite
    Flowers are one which fills every occasion with its alluring whiff. For example, marriage, birthday parties, any small event and like. There are many flower decorators who take care of flower decorations.

    There are some of them also who provide online flower delivery. We have designed this “Flower Shop Lite” theme specifically for flower decorators and flower shop owners.

    This is one of the topnotch free WordPress themes of 2021. It is as elegantly designed as a pleasing aroma of beautiful flowers. Design your website with this theme and give an alleviate feeling to people with your beautiful flowers and bouquets.

    50. Adventure Lite
    One has to design their adventure website such that it looks just adventurous with appealing visuals and eye-catching animated effects. We have come forward with this magnificent “Adventure Lite” theme. You can design your adventure website by using this theme.

    Adventure lite is one of the best free adventure WordPress themes which can be used to design elegant websites. Except, it is available for free still have various features incarnated.

    It is far then impeccable to design websites like trekking, travel agency, tours and travels and any related website. Give an adventurous experience to your customers by designing a website with this theme.

    51. SKT Education Lite
    Education is one of the most important parts of everyone’s lives. When it comes to the education of children then parents become finicky. No matter whether it is about school admission or college admission both is vital. So, if you are an owner of school or college then you can design your ravishing website by using this theme.

    “SKT Education Lite” is designed specifically for websites like schools, colleges, coaching institutes and likewise. You can effectively show your school or college infrastructure and other information regarding your organization by designing a website. It is one of the best WordPress free themes.

    52. Camping
    If you are a social worker or working in an NGO then you are aware of the term ‘Camping’. There are also some people who want to subsidize in organizing some social events. But, they do not find any apropos medium to do charity. People are prone to search online.

    So, you can design a splendid website using our theme “Camping”. It is one of the topnotch free WordPress themes which is chock-full of all the latest features. You can engross more people to do charity by designing an elegant charity website.

    53. Black and white Lite
    We have designed this elegant and pleasant theme name “Black and White Lite”. It can be used to design any kind of website. It is designed with an elegant brew of black and white color. This theme is designed to be multipurpose, therefore, appeals to multiple industries.

    Some of the main features are SEO friendly design, SMO plugins affable, Translation ready, multilingual compatible and many more. This theme is germane and impeccable as well to design any kind of website. Due to the use of modern languages for coding your website will be available with an eye-soothing and modern look. It is one of the best free WordPress themes of 2023.

    54. SKT Toothy
    We have designed this splendid theme specifically for dentists. It is best suited to design websites like hospital, clinics and likewise. “SKT Toothy” is designed to cling to various contemporary requirements which are obligatory for any modern websites. It is one of the best free dentist WordPress themes.

    Although you can design any kind of website by doing some modification in this theme. If you are designing your website then it will be convenient for your patients and you too. One of the most admirable features is compatibility with WooCommerce plugin. Design your website with this theme and get ready to be amazed.

    55. Play School Lite
    These days there is a trend of sending kids to play school, in earlier days there was not a trend like this. But play schools are good enough for teaching morals to the growing children. There are so many play schools emerging in every city. Even in a small area, one can find a number of playschool.

    We have designed this “Play school Lite” theme which is best suited to design websites for playschools, kindergarten and related website. As you are going to design a website related to children, therefore, you need glittering images and bright colors. So, this has been designed keeping in mind all these and it the best free playschool WordPress theme.

    56. Charm Lite
    Blogging is one of the platforms which is most popular. Yes, there can be various types of blogs. Some people are fond of reading blogs, but it totally depends on the choice. We have come forward with this magnificent theme name “Charm Lite”.

    It is one of the best free blogging WordPress themes. If you are a blogger then you can design any kind of blogging website using this theme. For example, fashion blogging, latest trends and any other website like this. You can make people aware of your proficiency in blogging. This is the best available theme to design any blogging website.

    57. Online Coach

    If you need a site to offer a training administration on the web. The site ought to be made in such a manner it would be a perfect method for advancing and showcasing your business system. If you decide to pick Online Coach, at that point you will be on the correct track to accomplishing your objective.

    Online Coach is a free WordPress themes for bloggers and tenderfoots the theme can be occupied by a mentor, guide, instructors, wellness club, wellness counselor, consultants, business tutors, and similarly. With appointment scheduling and online booking feature, you can create new income source for you.

    You can sell a few items identified with your online courses, for example, books and computerized items. The inbuilt online coach’s landing page and the full-width slider will assist you to welcome countless crowds.

    58. Flat Lite

    This template is for the individuals who don’t need a complex site but is for the individuals who are simply searching for straightforward templates with some customization options. Gratitude to pre-build website package because within a single click, you will have the option to import formats on the WordPress dashboard.

    After this, you simply need to include new pictures, supplant the content to get an extraordinary online presence. The demo format has all that is required for little scope based organizations. Even you can start increasing your subscriber list and newsletter with free responsive WordPress themes i.e. Flat Lite.

    You will find that the homepage layout of a template is completely functional so that you can share content on different social media profiles. As well as you can easily control the color and fonts of your website with elementor page builder.

    59. Juice and Shakes Lite

    Everybody needed to maintain their body figure by admitting good nourishment and juices. An individual who has a place with the natural products business or a wellness club, he/she can utilize free WordPress blog themes to give an online presence to their juice shop and clubs, juice centers, shakes centers, mobile fruit outlets, fruit sellers, juice outlets, canteen owners, saturated juice outlets, and different fruit-related businesses.

    Juice and Shake lite will be helpful to reflect your business motto including several ingredients, a blog on food, different juices, various mocktails, and more. In the slider, you can add a video to give a visual treat to your clients and customers. They will be seduced to try your product at least once. People will be able to see your past client’s feedback through testimonial section.

    60. SKT Bistro Lite

    SKT Bistro Lite is a free WordPress themes for business based on large scale and a small scale. You can use this template to create a website related to food, burger, restaurants and online food stores. The website is easy to create with SKT page builder or any other site builder that you are comfortable with.

    You can use revolution slider for building a slideshows, WPML plugin for translating website into different native languages, WooCommerce for online store integration, Contact form 7 for creating web forms and more. The theme will work specifically for break maker, bakery, cake shops, ice-cream stalls, vendors etc.

    You can find demo to know how your bakery website will look like after customization. You can also display some images of cakes and ice creams in attractive slideshow format. Free version has some limited functionality whereas premium version has unlimited functionality.

    61. SKT Simple

    SKT Simple is a free WordPress blog theme made with SKT page builder particularly for private company niche, for example, lifestyle, personal, fashion, food, health,  nourishment, wellbeing, and health-related organizations. The format has incorporated with certain features.

    In addition, you can add some more gadgets to the landing page design. Simple has a simpler functionality that is very easy to setup and use. Live customizer is the main feature that you will have to modify the site progressively.

    If you are not compatible with inbuilt site builder then you can integrate any of the page builders that you are comfortable with and start customizing the website right away. In the premium package you will find the demo content is created for all other pages. These all highlights are made accessible with the goal that a non specialized individual can likewise set the site quickly.

    62. SKT Condimentum

    SKT Condimentum is a best free WordPress themes for businesses. It comes with some plugin integration that will be helpful for enhancing your testimonials, services, homepage section of your website. The large scale based website and a small scale based website is very simple to setup using live theme customizer option.

    It is also supportive with many other powerful page builders also provide support for WooCommerce setup. SKT Condimentum is also coherent with navigation menu, logo, header, footer and more. You can add your work portfolio on your website.

    With no coding knowledge you can create an awesome presence for your business with so many plugin integration. You will succeed to turn your motto into engaging website. You can easily setup the price of some business plan by integrating some useful plugin. With the live preview plugin you can setup the website completely

    63. Ele MakeUp Lite

    Your makeup artist career will be on high peak if you select Ele Makeup Lite. This is a free WordPress portfolio themes that is created with elementor page builder. This theme is best for makeup artist, saloon, hair stylers, face makeup, eyelash extension and other beauty related businesses.

    With this template you will succeed in boosting your sales by increasing your website awareness. Ele Makeup Lite is has ready to use demo that only need one single click to download all the demo content. Your website will turn your interest into so many chances to shine in the web world. You can also install WooCommerce plugin to sell your makeup stuff on your website. International shipping will be possible with the theme along with online payment integration.

    64. Ele Attorney Lite

    Ele Attorney Lite is a best free WordPress themes this theme can be used by legal adviser, law firms, legal offices, attorneys and other consultant businesses. We have spent so much time on this time so that you can get desired output by using awesome features.

    The template is easily customizable with elementor page builder plugin. By spending only few minutes you can easily manage a website with drag and drop feature. You can simply import the demo for your website in just a single click importer option. Some astonishing features such a call out section, call to action, custom widgets.

    Your website will perform best on search engine because it is SEO friendly optimized. You can use this theme as portfolio page for dealing with the law practices. Thus, a non code can also setup their desired page with Ele Attorney Lite.

    65. Poultry Farm Lite

    Poultry Farm lite is a free themes for WordPress users. It has a clean and ideal page layout for quail, ostrich, cocks, duck, chicken, turkey and other bird poultry farms. With the help of this theme you can easily sell your domestic birth eggs and meat.

    You can offer some quality poultry farm services such as the best hens, online delivery, fresh eggs and meat, automatic feed delivery, growth monitoring, etc. you can easily categories your chicken into broilers, leghorn, layers, Cornish, Brahma, Cochin and more.

    With the blog section you can easily manage the management tips and production tips plus you can add any other content that you are interested in. you will get number of benefits if you choose Poultry Farm Lite for your poultry and meat related businesses.

    66. Ele Restaurant lite

    Ele Restaurant Lite is a WordPress portfolio themes for free of cost. It is useful for some food and restaurant related businesses such as dining place, cafeteria, pizzeria, and more. Customers will be able to book table and order menus through the web.

    They will be able to access your contact details plus they can track their order on any device because Ele Restaurant Lite is responsive and mobile friendly. If you choose to create a website with this theme then you will be a luckier one as number of people will be able to check your business information before going and visiting to the actual place.

    The template has integrated with number of features are there that will truly promote your business services in a good way. Some highlighted features are awesome CSS animations, sliders, scrolling animation, menus, testimonial, widgets, sliders, fonts, gallery and more.

    67. Ele Luxury Hotel lite

    If you were looking for hotel and accommodation related website then Ele Luxury Hotel Lite is best for you. This is the best free WordPress blog themes created for lodge, vacation, rental, resort, hotel, cafe, food joint, and spa services.

    It comes up with room photo gallery, hotel reservation, testimonials, guest feedback, social media integration and more. This will be more beneficial for gaining more potential clients. The website can be integrated with WordPress hotel booking plugin that will assist you to manage customer booking, pricing plans, online reservations and coupons.

    It is customizable at some extend to design a seamless layouts. You can easily upload logo, images, content, and the video to the slider as per your own choice. Also the template is translate free that will translate your website to the desired one.

    68. Ele Wedding Lite

    Now setting a wedding WordPress site is simple WordPress free themes i.e. Ele Wedding Lite. The families of bride and grooms are so busy that they can’t event waste hours and days on such things that consume more time. That is the reason we come up with this theme that even do not take an hour to setup the complete functional website.

    And if you want to save money on website then Ele Wedding Lite is what you should choose. This template is absolutely available for free of cost not even it cost for plugin integration because most of the useful plugins are also available for free.

    Blog is compatible with the template so you can publish some important information related to wedding. You can also use this template to create a portfolio or a wedding photography website.

    69. Ele Fitness Lite

    Ele Fitness Lite is free ecommerce WordPress themes used to make a wellness blog and a site in the quickest manner. This is a multipurpose template that has modern design structure. It has a demo intended for wellness club. This layout has all the highlights that would be required for an ideal wellness club site.

    In same way you can make some tweaks to make a website function as you want. It has several pages you can add more if you want. You can create separate pages for news, contact, about, home, packages, courses and more. The fundamental element of Ele wellness Lite is Gutenberg ready, GDPR consistent, header style, SEO agreeable, primary options and more. Some icons are compatible with the template so that user will find it useable and will connect with them. Thus you can create any type of website related to gym, yoga, and different fitness niche.

    70. Ele Nature Lite

    Ele Nature Lite is a green business WordPress themes for free it is featured with powerful functionalities and a prebuilt demo for homepage and limited customization option. it has prebuilt demo for green business. Yet in addition this theme will work for nature lovers, pet’s guardian, wilderness lover, and more.

    After importing the content you will know that how easy and effortless the website is. the bestest thing about Ele Nature Lite is a that it has not associated with coding stuff, therefore to replace pictures, enhancing functionality, including information would not required any sort of coding information. It is also optimized with the search engines, supportive 3rd party plugins, and translation ready, supportive with WPML plugin, security plugin, social media plugins, and SEO plugins.

    Salient features which make it different from others:

    1. Page builder compatible: Page builder has been required by many novice users who don’t know how to add HTML or fancy layouts within a page and this gap is reduced due to page builders. Page builder compatibility ensures that such plugins can be used at ease and such type of varied fancy content can be added without any problems into the website.

    2. No coding required: No coding knowledge is necessary to implement or start a website using these WordPress themes free download responsive with slider.

    3. Background change: Background changes are possible in almost all of the templates where nice background images can be placed for the entire website.

    4. Header change possible: Header also can be changed nicely where below the navigation one can place nice header images.

    5. Lots of options to choose from: Lots of options to choose from as we have great 54+ WordPress themes free download responsive with slider and has been there for ages with great support and functionality. Also these themes and templates have been tested for various tests like theme check and have passed them with flying colors.

    6. Great support even though its free: Even though these free WordPress themes are free of cost download but they can be used without any problem because we also provide support for these free WP themes and templates thus you are not stuck into somewhere and yet cannot find an answer to the same.

    7. Plugin compatibility increases options to unlimited possibilities because plugins enhance the features for example one needs an additional slideshow for inner pages or needs a gallery for inner pages then in that case it becomes easy using a plugin for the desired results.

    8. Theme Review Standards and theme sniffer and theme check plugin compatibility passed templates which means that secured coding is done and SEO friendly coding has been done and it will mean the templates are well made with lot of care and efforts.

    free WordPress themes