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When it comes to WordPress, the one thing that has revamped the entire concept is Gutenberg. It has changed almost the entire publishing experience. Gutenberg takes care of four major WordPress pieces- multilingual, collaboration, customization, and editing.

A modular approach is introduced that can change your whole website. Editing content blocks on pages and posts, adding and adjusting widgets, and designing the navigation, header, and footer are possible with Gutenberg.

It offers you the most incredible and latest features to make testing easier for you. This article will discuss everything that you need to know about Gutenberg WordPress themes.

Gutenberg Features:

Compared to the traditional methodologies, Gutenberg offers a more straightforward way of building websites. The popular features of Gutenberg that facilitate user convenience are discussed below:

Fullscreen and spotlight mode:

The fullscreen and spotlight mode is a blessing from Gutenberg WordPress themes. Both of these options can be disabled and enabled at ease.

The fullscreen mode helps to disable both the left-side and top admin toolbars. This allows you to stay focused on your content.

The spotlight mode grays out every block except the one you are operating on. Also, it disables visual cues from the other blocks. If you find the interface overwhelming, you can turn on the spotlight mode.

Slash Commands:

Gutenberg WordPress themes have made things simple for you that can revolutionize your entire writing experience. All you need to do is input “/”, and a drop-down menu having Gutenberg blocks will appear instantly. Also, if you want to include an image, you need to type “/image”.

For a heading, input “/heading”. You are entirely covered. The days you had to pause your writing to deal with a hectic interface are gone. Simple, input a slash and save your time.

Reusable blocks:

Are you ending your article always with the same note or paragraph? Or are you using the same quote, table, or gallery in multiple places over your website? If yes, the reusable blocks guard your back. You no longer need to copy-paste. All you need to do is insert an already-made customized block anywhere you want.

Yes, you may need multiple blocks at once. You do not need to worry, as you can now save an image, a paragraph, a divider, or anything else you want.

Document outline:

It is challenging to navigate the long posts in the editor. Fortunately, Gutenberg introduced the online feature. It shows you the headings are correctly structured. You can click on any headings and straightly jump to that specific section. Navigation has been made very easy by Gutenberg.

Drag and drop feature:

You can easily drag and drop the images into Gutenberg WordPress themes straight away, and these images will make it automatically to the media gallery.

You just need to press and hold an image on the desktop and drag it into the Gutenberg window straight, and it will turn into an image block automatically.

Copy and paste from Google Docs:

Most of the time, whenever you try to copy and paste content across multiple platforms, it becomes a mess. But it is not the same when you are typing in Google Docs.

You can easily paste your content, and everything will be automatically arranged into its block. The images, paragraphs, and others will appear correctly.

Global Styles:

You can now get the freedom to do some experiments. Global Styles is an excellent experimental feature offered by Gutenberg WordPress themes.

It is part of the initiative of Full Site Editing. You can soon use Gutenberg not only for editing pages and posts but also for designing entire themes and websites.

With Global Styles, you can change your website’s visual aspects within the Gutenberg editor. Things become easier as you can access the essentials without leaving the page you are re-designing.

Block transform previews:

Gutenberg gives you the power to convert one block into another. For example, you can easily turn an image into a carousel, a paragraph into one quote, or other compatible things. Earlier, this feature didn’t have any kind of preview.

Thus, it wasn’t easy to use. However, at present, the transform can be previewed by hovering on the option that you want.

Powerful block pattern options:

Block patterns are somehow similar to reusable blocks. The main difference is that these are pre-installed with the theme, or you can add them as features by simply downloading the Gutenberg plugins. Several themes are there that can come with their individual block patterns.

Inserting them anytime you want into content is easy with Gutenberg WordPress themes. Block patterns allow you to make pages quicker as you can simply pop in a complete contact form, CTC, or product list with a single click of a button. They are like bite-sized webpage templates.

Adding media through copy and paste:

Apart from Google Docs and image content, you may easily copy and paste links in Gutenberg. All these will be embedded automatically as viewable content.

Social media posts showing up as correct embeds, news articles displaying their sample text and image, and playable videos are the significant flexes. All these save a lot of time when you plan to re-write articles, and there is no need for you to embed them manually.

Block themes:

Block themes are for the editors of the theme. The block themes are WordPress themes that are designed totally around a block system. Although full site editing at present is an experimental feature, you can start with it instantly.

Theme experiments template will be needed, and you can get more information about it in the documentation. However, you must do this on the testing server, not on the website.

Vertical button layouts:

Earlier, customization was lacking in the button block, especially when you wanted the buttons to remain in a column, not a row. Things were difficult. But at present, all these have become very easy with Gutenberg WordPress themes.

Block variations:

The block variations are the current settings allowing you to switch between any block easily. After inserting a column block, you get the option to choose between different styles.

At present, you can easily transform between all these variations. Earlier, they were considered separate blocks, and it was impossible to alter them after selecting them.

Navigation block:

The navigation block is an essential feature of Gutenberg WordPress themes. With this, you can make a navigation menu based on what you have configured, or you may fill it with new links as per your need. This may not be a big thing inside a blog post, but when the entire site editing is fully debuted, this will become a great deal.

Media and text:

The media and text blocks are often overlooked. It allows you to include text and media side by side. This can be used for spotlighting media on which you want to draw attention or captioning an image. You are always free to try out the splash commands for bringing it up without searching.

The widgets function as blocks:

The areas, such as the sidebar, are no more excluded from the latest block system. Now, everything operates together. Therefore, it is very easy to include blocks in the widgetized areas on the website. This is a significant difference between the Gutenberg WordPress themes and the traditional editors that lacked convenience and seamlessness.

Cover blocks:

The cover blocks in Gutenberg WordPress themes are underused but are a magnificent way of making the pages or posts pop. This is similar to the cover image you assign to blog posts but offers tons of customization. Texts can be added, unique styles can be inserted, and you can even turn on the beautiful parallax effect.

Apart from using it as the cover image for a post, you can make it do other things. Showing off your promotional art, combining different covers with the columns block to come up with an interesting effect, or simply sprucing up the page, everything is possible.

A significant thing that can be done with this block is, creating a repetitive background pattern. This is one that you can do. Experiment with it well and see what you can come up with it.

Most Compatible Gutenberg WordPress Themes:

The popular Gutenberg WordPress themes are discussed below:

GB Extreme:

GB Extreme is a simple, fast, and versatile WordPress theme created for adventure companies associated with adventures like mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, diving, etc. This WordPress theme comes with a sleek design and is 100% compatible with the latest Gutenberg editor.

Its countless features and demo content perfectly align with the portfolio websites and eCommerce stores. The theme is responsive, RTL-ready, and translation-ready. The homepage comes with Nivo-slider.

Other features are:

It features two different layouts.
It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.
It is compatible with shortcodes.
It is a cross-browser-compatible theme.
Files like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS are integrated.

GB Nature:

If you are operating a green business or doing something nature-friendly, the GB Nature theme is one of the best Gutenberg WordPress themes you can have. It comes with professional demo content. This theme is entirely responsive and retina-optimized.

It means this theme is going to look amazing on every viewable device. This theme has been optimized for the latest Gutenberg editor. Distinct styles are provided so you can easily get the newest block editor’s full benefits.

This theme has been integrated with WooCommerce plugins and supports famous plugins like the revolution slider, WPML plugin, RankMaths, etc. With a single click, you can import demo content.

Other popular features of this theme are as follows:

Button, background colors, and links can be optimized.
CSS3 and HTML5 coding has been used.
Creating pages and posts is easy with this theme.
It comes with a custom header and footer.
The editable copyright area is there.

GB Charity:

GB Charity is the WordPress theme you need for your business if you are running an NGO or associated with any charity or social activity. This is one of the best Gutenberg WordPress themes optimized for top performance and speed.

WordPress and SEO standards have been maintained while coding this theme. It supports multiple plugins, Nivo slider, slider revolution, etc. It is compatible with PHP and comes with demo content.

Other significant features of this WordPress theme are as follows:

It comes with professional widgets, sidebars, etc.
It supports almost every screen size.
It is a cross-browser-compatible theme.
Uncountable color options have been provided.
This theme is RTL compatible.

GB Fitness:

Are you running a gym? Or are you in the wellness and health industry? If your answer is yes, the GB Fitness theme can fulfill your business website needs. It comes with prompt demo content that helps you launch a website quickly.

The in-built Gutenberg editor blog can be used for making website changes. It comes with a blog page template, colors, Google fonts, custom layout settings, and much more.

Other significant features of this WordPress theme are as follows:

It features parallax and section scrolling effects.
It comes with a one-click importer option.
This theme is compatible with Contact form 7.
Social sharing plugins are easy to use with this theme.
This theme is translation-ready.

GB Hotel:

GB Hotel WordPress theme suits the hotel and resort owners. This theme is based on Gutenberg editors and offers an outstanding editing experience. With basic technical skills, you can make a fully functional business website.

A lot of plugs have already been integrated with this theme. Google Maps is compatible with it, making the theme flexible and scalable. CSS, PHP, and JS files are included.

Some other significant features of this WordPress theme are stated below:

This theme is widget-friendly.
It is cross-browser compatible.
Top-quality images can be integrated.
Importer demo is available.
This is a translation-ready theme.

GB Construction:

If you own a construction business, you will need a fantastic business website to attract your customers, and GB construction is one of the most renowned Gutenberg WordPress themes that can help you to achieve this.

This theme is SEO friendly and mobile-friendly. It fits the screen of almost any device. The WordPress dashboard gives you the option to handle things with ease.

Popular other features of this WordPress theme are as follows:

This theme is cross-device and cross-browser compatible.
It is a retina-ready and HD-ready theme.
It comes with pre-built pages.
This is a translation-ready WordPress theme.
It is incorporated with CSS animations.

GB Doctor:

Are you a doctor, or are you anyway associated with the medical industry? If yes, then the GB Doctor WordPress theme is for you. This theme comes with limitless customization, unlimited color options, and a lot more.

The widgetized header and footers make things a lot easier for the users. This is an SEO-friendly theme; you do not need to worry about ranking in the SERPs. This theme is viewable in most browsers and devices.

Other features are stated below:

CSS animations make the homepage appealing.
It is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.
This is a translation-ready theme.
Even novice users can make use of this theme.
This theme is RTL compliant.

GB IT Company:

GB IT Company WordPress theme is one of the well-coded Gutenberg WordPress themes suitable for IT company developers offering technological solutions to people. This user-friendly theme is perfect for beginners.

With WooCommerce plugin compatibility, an online store can be established easily. One-click import option offers convenience, and execution is possible in just minutes.

The engaging blog post layout keeps the visitors engaged for a long time. Being a lightweight theme, it loads super fast.

Some other features are as follows:

It is a retina-ready theme.
This theme is cross-browser compatible.
Pre-build pages come with this theme.
Two different layouts are there for headers.
It comes with a CTA button.

GB Shopping:

If you own a shopping store offering multiple products or a particular product category, then the GB Shopping WordPress theme is for your business. This is one of the best multipurpose Gutenberg WordPress themes and supports various niches.

It is incorporated with Gutenberg, and things are efficient with this theme. With a single click of a button, you can install this theme. It is responsive and looks well on multiple screen sizes.

Other features of this theme are as follows:

This theme is SEO and SMO compatible.
It is RTL compliant.
This is a translation-ready WordPress theme.
It comes with a color picker option.
The widget-friendly sidebars bring efficiency.

GB Skincare:

GB Skincare can suit your needs if you are a dermatologist or offering skincare products. The best thing is that this theme supports the 404-error page. You can easily make a separate search page if needed.

PHP, CSS, and JS files have been included with this WordPress theme. It is cross-browser and cross-device compatible.

Sliders like Accordion and Cyclone are compatible with the GB Skincare WordPress theme. Also, it is easy to update this theme, which can be modified with a boxed or full layout.

Some other features are as follows:

Up to a 5-level drop-down menu is allowed.
It follows a material or flat design structure.
Five layout variant options are provided.
Integrating social share plugins is easy.
WPML has been implemented in this theme.

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