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Bakery WordPress Themes

for cup cake shop and website and pastries and baker shop or muffins, pastries or cookies shop.

Any baker or bakery or cake shop website needs frills and nice showcase of their available cakes, their expertise of wedding cakes, birthday cakes and event cakes like anniversary, marriage, engagement cakes, cup cakes etc.

Muffins, cakes, pastries, cookies and other side orders like chocolates and cookies are also created in bakeries.

Thus a bakery has a list of products available which is difficult to show in case the website is not created keeping this in mind.

Many cake shops and bakeries nowadays provide online shopping as a part and parcel for their shops to run nicely because bakery WordPress themes are dependent on WooCommerce and hence provide an out of the box experience for creating an online store and it becomes easier to get orders, get paid in advance and deliver exactly at the right time and place.

Our cakes and pasties We Bake Template starts with a little about us or the company and then goes on to showcase the specialities of the company or the bakery which might be 4 or 8 in number.

They can be listed nicely with full pictorial view and then texts underneath them.

Products are thereafter listed which can be the popular products listed on the homepage with view products taking you to the full store where you can describe the whole store items easily.

Also the store can focus on product images and their respective pricing.

Having WooCommerce would mean that you can have various seasonal coupons and promo codes.

You can have various payment gateways to use from.

You can have a full fledged store online which has no limits of products.

Thus it becomes easier to maintain an online store and that too from within your WordPress backend.

Happy customers and testimonials are always required for any cake shop or bakery. Thus in this one of the bakery WordPress themes we have happy customers section listing detailed testimonials of previous clients.

Anyone doesn’t want to take a risk with their wedding cake and hence testimonials form a great part of the process to check how the reviews are before going for the cake shop.

Bakeries are also nowadays dependent on the social media and Facebook reviews also form a part of the entire process.

Hence we have our bakery WordPress themes integrated with social media to avoid such problems and to get more customers and traffic from social media to your cake shop website and muffins and wedding cakes website.

Bakers are also shown nicely in this template where the bakers are shown with the pictures and on click takes you to their respective profile pages which talks about them and their experience.

Every baker has a speciality like someone is good with cookies, someone with dressings, some with cakes, some with cupcakes etc. Hence every baker and their experience and speciality should be listed so that customers get to know about them and can come and say which baker they need their cake to be created from.

Why Choose us has been placed down below but can figure out in the top as well or one can remove it altogether.

In fact any of the sections can be removed and replaced with and one can use any of them anywhere and order them as they want by copying their respective shortcodes and swapping contents of the section.

Video plays an important part and video quickly shows what something might need a lot of time to describe.

Hence videos can showcase a full website in just 1 minute and thus videos can be used a viral medium to get more traffic and views.

Latest news and blog posts are required to update your website or keep updating your website regularly.

Latest news can also create an impact when it can be used for press releases. It can also be used as a powerful tool to share recipes with your customers who want to develop some cakes or cup cakes at their home.

Recipes and other interesting topics which get shared daily on your blog can really create an impact when it comes to online traffic and more the traffic more business revenue generation and local business generation will happen.

Businesses like bakeries and cake specialists are basically local businesses who need reviews via Google and listing in Google business listings and to be shown in Google maps as well when someone searches for local cake shops.

Hence our bakery WordPress themes does the job as a local listing and is fully SEO friendly and with submissions to Google it does pick up quickly and shows it as as a local business thus giving you local leads and sales.

Some of the salient features of our bakery WordPress themes:

1. SEO friendly: All of these bakery and cake WordPress themes are SEO friendly and has been coded keeping in mind silos structure as well as proper template naming.
Also they have been coded such that the title takes h1 and thereafter h2 and h3.

Widgets have some headers and logo gets the highest marks.

Proper meta also have been alloted to the theme images and the other images and SEO plugins compatibility also has been tested and worked with.

2. Social media friendly: Social media friendly these templates for wedding cakes and muffins and cupcakes can be easily shared into social media for more traffic and also have social media widgets to showcase your feeds from social media and also to have simple social media buttons for linking to your social media.

Sidebars are widget friendly and so are footer of the site to have a great social media stream nicely on your website sidebar or in cake website footer.

3. Fully Responsive: Since the themes and templates are fully responsive they pass Google mobile friendly test and have been tested for lots of devices and their respective browsers so that cross device and platform testing is done and also cross browser testing also is done and found to be working fine.

4. Codex standard coding: Codex standard coding is needed so that it is secured when it comes to security and no risky or encrypted codes or any bad javascript isn’t used for exploits at a later stage. Coding standards also ensure backwards compatibility and future compatibility of WordPress version upgrades and plugin compatibility as well.

5. Easy to understand and use: A template or a bakery WordPress template has to be easy to understand otherwise the whole purpose of creating the website becomes useless because unless it is easy to use and understand it makes no sense to have a theme and do it yourself. The purpose of cake shop themes are to make it easier for bakery shops to open their site themselves and hence a step by step guide would prove that they can easily set up the site using the template without any problems.

6. 100+ in built shortcodes: Built in shortcodes lets you ease the pressure when it comes to developing something fancy like an accordion mentioning features of a product or a team member experience or columns to assist in any area of a website. Shortcodes come handy and useful in those places where you need something simple and to add another plugin or search for them and to read their instructions of how to use becomes tedious instead using given shortcodes that come integrated with the theme becomes easier.

7. Compatible with several plugins: Several plugins have been tested in varied ranges like slider, translation plugins, SEO plugins, WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins, forum plugins, contact form plugins and several other plugins like Analytics etc and are found to be working fine.

8. Page builder plugins compatibility: Page builders are also just similar to shortcodes and only difference is that one does not need to use any code and instead just type in and manage the content when using page builders. With recommended page builder of each cake website bakery theme one can easily set up inner pages and fancier pages without the use or help of any designer or developer.

9. Translation ready and multilingual as well: Translation ready bakery themes which has been provided with PO files for easy translation assist and multilingual plugins like qTranslate X has been tested and found compatible and working.

Bakery WordPress themes

is just right for those bakers who either own a bakery shop or are local bakers and want to have a nice website.

bakery WordPress themes