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It is important for people to help each other out. The world is facing multiple issues whether it be poverty, climate change, food insecurity, etc.

That is why the need for responsible NGOs that deliver on their promises has increased. If you have a mission that can help the world then this is the right time to start your nonprofit organization.

Each NGO is centered around one or multiple causes. You need to find out the people that you will be helping and get started with your work. To get the word out about your NGO you need a website. You should create a website on WordPress as it is extremely easy to use.

The good thing about WordPress is that you get access to a lot of templates. Then all you have to do is customize the template to create a high-performing website.

SKT Cause is a crowdfunding WordPress theme that can be edited by using Elementor. This is the perfect site template for those who want to start their nonprofit organization. The standout feature of this digital product is that it highlights the donate now button on the header. This enables the site visitors to take action quickly. It comes with stock images that can be added as the banner.

If you don’t like the stock images then you can easily replace them with your own. If you are here then you must have a mission, right? There must be some problems that you want to solve. Highlight your mission in the first section of your site by using this site design. If the visitors resonate with your NGOs mission then they can think about providing funds.

The credibility of your NGO increases if you can showcase the groundwork that you and your team are doing. People like to know that their money is being used for something meaningful.
This problem can be solved by capturing a video of your team’s work. Use the right crowdfunding WordPress theme to add these videos to your site without slowing it down.

You can highlight the amount of funds that you have raised till now on your website. This will be helpful because site visitors will know about the progress of the crowdfunding campaign.

If a campaign is lagging behind then your website should highlight it as the priority should be to meet its set target.

Building trust as an NGO is extremely important because there are hundreds and thousands of NGOs out there. Some of them are used to commit fraud too while there are many organizations that are completely fake. You should create a website that will help you remove the doubts of people. It should put people at ease, convince that you are not running a fake organization, and build authority of your NGO’s work.

SKT Cause is video friendly which means that you can add multiple videos of your team doing the work which is helping the world. You can highlight the percentage of charity you have done and the percentage of donations you have received. It has a section where you can see all the latest causes and the funding required for them. The projects which are lagging behind in funding are displayed first.

Your website visitors will be able to see how much they have to donate till you complete your objective. In the next section of your site design, you can highlight information like the number of successful missions, the number of volunteers, and the number of happy donors. Displaying this information helps you build your NGO’s authority. People can now trust your NGO to do the work with their money.

It is important to create a website while leaving a lot of white spaces. This makes the content more readable and people can scroll longer.

If your site does not have the right UI then it is possible users will leave earlier because they felt the site is putting a strain on their eyes.

Sometimes people may want to donate to your NGO but they need to be motivated with the right content. You need to use this website to motivate kind people to make a donation.
Use animated elements, compelling text, and images to do the same.

Without a team of selfless volunteers, an NGO cannot exist. If someone is working for a cause then it is important to give them the recognition they deserve. How do you do that? You can highlight your team on your social media channels. The main spot to do this will be your website. If site visitors can see the faces of actual volunteers they may be motivated to join the team or donate an amount for a cause that is close to their heart.

This crowdfunding WordPress theme gives you a lot of white spaces which allows your content to leave a mark on the hearts of the viewers. It is extremely easy to customize it and create a site with an amazing user interface. Your site will be lightweight, fast, and easy on the eyes. This template has a section where you can highlight all the reasons on why visitors should donate to your NGO.

You can communicate the message with the help of animated elements, images, and captivating text. In the next section of this site template, you get the space to add photos and names of your brave volunteers. Doing this is super easy with the help of this theme. You just have to add the media on the preset template. Edit this template by using the latest version of Elementor.

The best way to prove that you are running a genuine NGO is by showcasing testimonials or awards you have won. Your website should have space for this section. If donors can read how your NGO has helped a cause then they will not think twice before making a donation.

Testimonials can also help you attract a big donor and meet your funding goals. If your charity campaign is ambitious then you need to have the courage to create an ambitious website.

It is possible that someone is ready to fund your campaign but they have a few questions and want to send you their queries. That is why your website should always have a contact form through which visitors can contact you.

Once you receive a query it is up to you to reach out to the person and convince them of your cause. If you succeed in doing so then great if not then wait for the next query!

This is the ultimate crowdfunding WordPress theme because it allows you to display all the positive testimonials to build trust. Other than that, you can also add a contact form to receive queries from your potential donors. Use a plugin like WPForms to receive your queries. Once you receive the queries, you can check the information on the WP Dashboard and get back to the potential donors with more information. This site you build with the help of this theme will help you convince donors to donate for your cause.

The truth is that you cannot run an NGO digitally. You need to start real-time events which will make your NGO popular.

It is possible to attract even bigger donors with the help of such events. These events should be dedicated to your cause and they will be helpful in raising more donations.

Although you will host these events in a real location, you should highlight all the information about upcoming events on your website. This way your site visitors will get to attend one of these events.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. If you are creating your site on WordPress then you have an advantage when it comes to blogging. You should start a content marketing calendar and schedule posts based on your NGO’s causes. If your blogs rank on a search engine it will bring organic traffic and potential donors. This is a long-term strategy so be patient.

SKT Cause is incredible because it lets you highlight the fundraisers that you are having on upcoming dates. You can highlight the date, time, and location. This template allows you to add images along with each event too. You can add an image of the location so that people will know how the location appears. In the next section, you can highlight your recent blogs.

The blog section should be dedicated to raising awareness about your organization’s mission and purpose. You can write about what you wish to achieve, the problem the world is facing, and how your NGO is solving it. You have an obvious advantage as WordPress is a great CMS for blogging. This web design makes it easy to add the most recent blogs to the site.

At the end of the site design, you can add quick links to the home page, events, donation page, blog, contacts, etc. You also have the option to summarise what the NGO is about and leave the visitors with your contact information. They can take their time to marinate all the information and then decide if they want to make a donation. If your site visitor was a potential volunteer then they may contact you for the same. Overall, this site template will help you build a beautiful site that will serve a beautiful purpose.

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  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare