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Flexible Addons Elementor

Elementor is one of the finest page builders. It is feature-stuffed, extendable, and versatile. It helps you to get the best out of your website. Although it has the potential alone to turn your website dream into reality, still add-ons can be used for extending its potential.

SKT add-ons are one of the best add-ons for Elementor because it is not limited to customizations and are highly flexible compared to others. It is the perfect add-on to kickstart your operations at ease.

The famous free Elementor widgets of SKT add-ons:

The best widgets of SKT Flexible Addons for Elementor are discussed below:

  1. Card: A strong widget for demonstrating your creative posts, news, articles, and products by using a fantastic combo of images, badges, links, and texts.
  2. Info Box: The Info Box widget helps you make amazing info boxes by using links, icons, and texts that make them slick.
  3. Icon Box: It comes with amazing display features and is perfect to showcase your interesting information to the users in different styles.
  4. Skill Bars: This widget is a necessary building block for showcasing task percentage, user skills, needed tools, and other information in distinct ways.
  5. Review: With the Review widget, you can display your rating, reviews, and user feedback at ease.
  6. Image compare: If you are a product designer or a photo editor, you can show your works like an after and before slider.
  7. Gradient heading: You can make a fantastic gradient heading for your Elementor website with the gradient heading widget.
  8. Team member: With this widget, you can display your team in multiple styles by using social links, images, and texts.
  9. Dual Button: The dual button widget lets you add 2 trendy and flexible action buttons in the sections in various styles.
  10. Number: This lightweight Number widget helps you make fantastic number blocks in different styles.
  11. Justified grid: It is a pro-grade widget that helps you make a fantastic justified grid.
  12. Testimonial: With the Testimonial widget, you can make fantastic testimonial sections with distinct look-and-feels.
  13. Logo Grid: You can now display your products or clients in styles by using the Logo grid widget.
  14. Advanced Slider: Use the slider widget and create sliders with amazing effects and animations.
  15. Carousel: Interesting texts and images can be created with this Carousel widget with tons of options.
  16. Image Grid: You can make perfect number blocks with different look-and-feels and styles that will treat your eye with this Image Grid widget.
  17. Step Flow: With the Step Flow widget, you can create a great step-by-step instruction and diagram.
  18. Fun Factor: With the Fun Factor widget, you can show numbers animatedly on the website.
  19. Calendly: Calendly widget helps you to schedule your meeting without hustling and bustling with the emails.
  20. News Ticker: With the News Ticker widget, you can display popular content, updates, or messages on your site.
  21. Social Icon: You can easily display your social media links on your web page by using the Social Icon widget.
  22. Bar Chart: You can now show bar charts in a customizable and animated bar for imaging various data and several other related statistic visualizations by using the Bar Chart widget.
  23. 360° Rotation: You can make 360° rotated pictures for your items with this 360° widget.
  24. Pricing Table List: With this Pricing table List widget, you can make amazing pricing tables with multiple customizations.
  25. Content Switcher: With the Content Switcher widget, you can toggle Elementor pages, texts, or sections at ease.
  26. Advanced Data Table: Manage Your Table Data with Google Distance, Table Press, Import from CSV, Original Database with the help of Advanced data table elementor contrivance created by SKT Elementor addons.
  27. Advanced Heading: With the Elementor Advanced Heading useful Elementor contrivance you can produce beautiful heading designs for the caption text of your Elementor Website.

Best Elementor enhancement features

The SKT Flexible Addons for Elementor, apart from coming with an extendable Elementor widget, also has amazing features that enhance your web designing skill. The features are as follows:

  1. Elementor Widgets: This addons offers almost about 500= Elementor widgets. They can be used by free users with Flexible Addons for Elementor.
  2. SKT Shape Dividers: More than 18 shape dividers are already there for you at the initial stages, and new ones are still being added.
  3. SKT Tooltip: Tooltips can be added to any component of the Elementor website. With this feature, you can add GIFs, images, and background pictures to the Elementor tooltips.
  4. Text Stroke: With this feature, you can add an outline border around every character of your heading or text lines.
  5. Background Overlay: With this Background Overlay feature, you can now add colors, icons, and images behind an Elementor widget.
  6. SKT Icons: With this feature, you can embellish your website page with an array of free SKT Elementor line icons.
  7. SKT Clone: With the SKT clone feature, you can copy posts and pages fast from the Elementor finder.
  8. Grid Layer: You can easily maintain the correct alignment of the elements of your pages with this Grid Layer feature.
  9. Wrapper Link: When you use Wrapper Link for Elementor, there is no restriction on adding to particular portions of your site’s sections and columns.
  10. Floating Effects: By using the Floating Effects, amazing animations can be created for any Elementor widget.
  11. Elementor Equal Heights: You will no longer need coding knowledge to set the equal column heights to Elementor columns because you can do it easily with the Elementor Equal Heights.
  12. Column Order & Extension: By using SKT Flexible Addons for Elementor, you can easily rearrange the column’s order and make it fit on the devices having small screens.
  13. Manage Column Width: Your widgets’ column width can be controlled with the percentage parameters in Elementor at ease.
  14. Fixed Size Controls: With the Fixed Size Control features, you can easily make the circular-shaped buttons appropriately in Elementor.
  15. Image Masking : SKT Addons for elementor is introducing custom- shaped images to bring a creative touch to your design. Now you’ll be suitable to convert your square image into lovely custom shapes.

Other free Elementor Widgets of SKT Add-Ons for Elementor

Some of the premium widgets of SKT Flexible Addons for Elementor are discussed below:

  1. Advanced Slider: You can make eye-catchy slides within the Elementor websites with the Advanced Slider.
  2. SKT Mega Menu: You no longer need to struggle with the large-scale menu because the SKT Mega Menu can do it all.
  3. One Page Navigation Widget: You can make lucrative on-page navigation content for your website with this widget.
  4. Unfold Widget: With the Unfold Widget, you can organize and save space on your web page.
  5. Off-Canvas Content: This widget lets you make any off-canvas menu items of off-canvas content for your Elementor websites.
  6. Feature List: With the Feature List widget, the features of the products can be displayed in various styles.
  7. Pricing Table: The Pricing Table widget enables you to make any pricing table with tons of customizations available.
  8. Advanced Healing: The Advanced Healing Widget helps you make the necessary Elementor widget for headline texts of the site.
  9. Hover Box: With this Hover Box widget, you can now add dynamic animated texts to the boring images.
  10. Team Carousel: You can now present your team members with unique carousels that include arrow icons, social profile buttons, and high customizability with the Team Carousel widget.
  11. Scrolling image: The Scrolling Widget helps you display your services or products in a way that slides vertically or horizontally.
  12. Advanced Tab: By using complete-controlled customizations, you can create advanced tabbed sections with this Advanced Tab widget.
  13. Advanced Accordion: The Advanced Accordion widget helps you offer your user additional info by using a collapsing effect in multiple directions.
  14. Timeline: With the Timeline widget, you can precisely present your store most smartly.
  15. Advanced Toggle: This Widget lets you make a collapsible container area that allows users to display and hide items.
  16. Breadcrumbs: Fantasize your breadcrumbs in different ways; each of them is customizable with the help of the Breadcrumbs Elementor contrivance created by SKT Elementor addons
  17. Business Hour: SKT’s Elementor business hour contrivance will help you show the business hours in a irregular form. The users will get to know when your business is open or unrestricted.
  18. Countdown: This Elementor countdown widget will let you set a countdown clock which you can use to show the time of launch your website.
  19. Event Calendar: To design your amazing event calendar within your Elementor website. also if you’re managing your event calendar with your particular google calendar and want to bed it within your Elementor widget also you should try the SKT Elementor addons event calendar contrivance to embed your google event calendar.
  20. Sticky Video: You can set sticky videos with the SKT Addons sticky video widget.
  21. Author List: It will help you to display all of your authors in one place.
  22. Social Icons: Social icons are essential elements for every website. You can now add your company or personal social media links on your website by using the SKT Adons elementor social icon widget.
  23. WooCommerce Cart: To use the Elementor WooCommerce cart widget of SKT Elementor Addons to boost your conversion rate rapidly.
  24. Chart Widgets: Display Bar, Line, Pie & Doughnut, Polar Area and Radar charts in an animated and customizable bar form essentially in case of imaging different data and other relevant statistical visualizations with using SKT Elementor Addons charts Elementor widget.
  25. Forms Widgets: Use Forms widgets to embed forms created using Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, weForms, Ninja Forms, WPForms, Gravity Forms, WP Fluent Forms to display seamlessly on your web pages. Various styling options will help you to look at them even better.

Most Advanced features of Flexible Addons Elementor:

Some of the premium features of SKT Flexible Addons for Elementor are stated below:

  1. SKT Mega Menu Maker for Elementor: With the Mega Menu Builder, you can make excellent menus like the top brands like Puma, Adidas, Dribble, and others. You can make a simple navigation menu, icons for megamenu or menu items, menu badges, and mobile-responsive mega-menus.
  2. Cross-domain copy-paste: Just with a single click of a button, the same design can be applied by you to different domains with the Flexible Addons for Elementor.
  3. Preset: By using the preset feature, you can save your effort and time. It will help you select pre-made designs to create a website page faster, keeping the quality intact.
  4. Unlimited section testing: By having an Elementor, you can make sections to create room for components.
  5. Live copy: You can easily copy designs from the demo websites and get them done straight away.
  6. Image masking: With the Elementor editing panel, images can be masked. In short, you can convert your images into custom-shaped images at ease.
  7. SKT particle effect: You can add exclusive particle effects to the background of your site with the Flexible Addons for Elementor from SKT.
  8. Display condition: You may display, hide, and schedule content for displaying on your website based on your needs.

Apart from all the free and premium widgets and top-notch features of SKT Flexible Addons for Elementor, you get amazing support from them.

It is compatible with almost every WordPress theme; it is lightweight and lightning-fast, comes with motion effects, and encourages you with comprehensive, customizable options.

Additionally, the plugin also cohesively functions with the stock Elementor widgets. Besides, the demo content can be followed if you fail to understand anything.

Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare