Health Blog WordPress Themes for Medical Industry and Services

Medical or Clinics is one of the hottest talks in the current scenario. Along with the United States, several other countries are working on its legalization. In fact, medicine has even made its way to enter the global market.

Hence, if you are thinking about starting a business, then medicine can be a decent choice for you.

As you know, a business without an online presence can never fetch you the consumers and brand credibility that you long for. However, if you already own a medical website but still not receiving your desired traffic, it might indicate its poor appearance and critical interface.

But, you can rest all your worries as we have some amazing collections of health blog WordPress themes for you. With these plug-ins, you do not even require doing any alterations to the back or front end of your e-commerce website.

Here is a list of the 12 most magnificent themes that you can avail of.

Great Medical Health Blog WordPress Themes 2022

health blog WordPress themes

1. Medicare Pro

wellness WordPress theme

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Apart from the previously discussed themes, there is one more option that can match your business needs.

The WordPress theme called Medicare Pro can help flourish your online cannabis business by seeking the attention of global prospects. Besides having a beautifully designed interface, its features and specifications are extremely worthy.

The first and foremost aspect that is required to be praised about Medicare Pro is its inbuilt animation effects. Secondly, Medicare Pro supports several web browsers (to name a few- Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Be it paid or unpaid, this WordPress theme is well-matched with all types of page builders. Moreover, Medicare Pro permits you to add common to vital details regarding your business with the help of different footer and header options.

Key Features

  • It includes more than 100 shortcodes
  • Offers you to integrate more than 877 Google fonts
  • Enables you to add over 600 social media icons for business promotion
  • Comes with 10+ transition effects

2. SKT Medical Pro

skt medical

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These days, medicine is being used to produce several medicines. Several websites are selling such drugs; in fact, they receive a huge response from the users. If you hold such a website and looking for affordable health blog WordPress themes to give it a classy look, SKT Medical Pro will be a fine choice for you.

The theme possesses a compact interface with high-quality features. The best of all is its mobile-friendly nature. Whether it is a tablet or smartphone, this theme makes your website a lot more responsive and helps the mobile users to access it easily.

Its high customizability is the next significant aspect to consider. By using the color pickers, you can easily modify the color variations at any time. Its feverish amenities do not end here. SKT Medical Pro appears with a range of shortcodes that allow you to include content on the site in your preferred way.

Key Features

  • It comes with over 6 templates
  • Allows you to integrate more than 500 social media icons
  • Offers you to use all types of Google fonts to design your typography
  • Sets up the homepages by default after installation

3. SKT Nutristore


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This multipurpose theme will suit you well to promote your clinic business. The theme appears in a classic color that provides a stunning look to your site, catching the interest of the visitors. Moreover, the theme features a simple demo template that you can customize as per your desire.

SKT Nutristore is equipped with retina-ready and responsive features. Thus, with this WordPress theme, you can be totally relaxed regarding screen resolution issues. In addition, the page templates of this theme facilitate you with a homepage, services, blogs, about us, and so on!

Key Features

  • It features several social buttons like FaceBook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Huge numbers of shortcodes are available
  • Offers many transition effects
  • Enables you to add inner pages

4. Healing Touch Pro

healing touch pro

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If you want to present your cannabis-based website engagingly before your clients, Healing Touch Pro would be the best for you. The theme appears with a beautiful interface, which will definitely impress the visitors.

Moreover, being lightweight, your clients can access your website smoothly without experiencing any laggings. Similar to the other top health blog WordPress themes, this one also allows you to customize it.
Also, it features 12 amazing animation effects, which even allow users to alter the settings.

Additionally Healing Touch Pro includes a separate area where you can add testimonials and other posts. The theme allows the website holders to choose among different page layouts. Lastly, with it, you will be able to integrate several Google fonts and make the typography highly fascinating.

Key Features

  • Well-fitted with multiple WordPress Plugins like Contact Form 7, Nextgen Gallery, WooCommerce
  • It features more than 500 icon packs
  • Comes with an in-built elementor page builder
  • Allows you to change theme color easily

5. Diet and Nutrition

diet and nutrition

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Today, the obsessions for medical dietary supplements among fitness freaks are worth considering. If you lead an eCommerce site that deals with such products, you can make use of the Diet and Nutrition WordPress theme to enhance its appearance.

Very few health blog WordPress themes will facilitate a vast offering at a low budget. And Diet and Nutrition are among them.

When talking about its stunning specifications, it is important to mention that its homepage is designed with a maximum of 20 easy-to-use segments. Hence, you can hassle-freely include testimonials, a gallery, parallax sections in the background, and several other content columns.

With this theme, you can keep changing the color breaking the monotony of your site by using the color pickers. Moreover, it suits well with the WooCommerce plugins, which is another positive aspect of Diet and Nutrition.

Key Features

  • Features more than 580 social media icons
  • Compatible with numerous gallery plugins
  • Allows using any type of Google fonts
  • It includes both page layout and blog layout

6. Organic

Organic WordPress theme

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The best part about the WordPress theme called Organic is that you can customize it efficiently according to your business needs. Moreover, the theme comes with easy-to-understand step by step guidance so that you can install it without any inconvenience.

This WordPress theme is so user-friendly that even freshmen as well as noncoders can handle its templates with ease. The theme further offers you an animated homepage that not only enhances the look of your website but also pleases the visitors to a great extent.

Regardless to mention, its retina and HD-ready template fit well in large screen resolutions.

Key Features

  • Offers you to integrate 2000+ icons
  • 850+ Google fonts are available to use
  • Comes with standard pages like search, 404, categories, archives, etc
  • Facilitates the users with 1-year free support

7. Handy

If you want to reach out the international clients for your online cannabis business, then your website has to be multilingual. In this case, Handy can help you to achieve that as it has an outstanding translation ready feature.

Because of being highly approachable and mobile-friendly, this WordPress can surely boost your site’s sales volumes.

Besides, it comes with a compact and straightforward interface, which your business platform needs the most.

The whole theme will describe your offerings in the best possible way so that your consumers can get the products or services that they are looking for. Perhaps, that is why the website is named ‘Handy’.

The most wonderful aspect of this plugin is that it appears with free installation. Moreover, the theme guides you through the steps of installing it in simple language.

Besides being SEO friendly Handy is highly customizable as well. All these amenities have made the theme one of the best cannabis WordPress themes of all time.

Key Features

  • Equipped with several shortcodes
  • Highly compatible with plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Nextgen Gallery, etc.
  • Enables you to choose among 8 page layouts
  • Designed according to the newest WordPress standards

8. SKT Herbal Pro

Designing a website in such a way that it can express your objective is undoubtedly important. The one that helps you to promote your cannabis-based website is SKT Herbal Pro. The iconic theme comes with a number of favorable features.

First of all, it appears with an inbuilt page builder, which ensures easy management of the templates. It will provide a professional look to your website, highlighting your offered products precisely.

The theme includes all the possible responsive features. So, you can expect it to work conveniently on all sorts of devices. Keeping aside all these aspects, this theme even allows you to customize widgets as per your needs.

Key Features

  • Appears with CSS files, PHP files, and JS files
  • Adapts high-resolution content
  • It is SEO-friendly
  • Comes with several shortcodes

9. Flower Shop

Flower Shop is one of the most stylish and fashionable themes that you can use on your clinic website. The floral design matches extremely well with any sort of medical business. Besides, having a marvelous look, this WordPress theme appears with an inbuilt page builder. Thus, you will not face any hurdles in installing or managing it.

Moreover, Flower Shop is a responsive theme; hence, it will assist your prospects in making quick decisions. As a result, your business will relish monetary profit. Being SEO friendly, the mentioned plug-in is extremely compatible with numerous plugins like Yoast.

Additionally, the theme fits in all types of screen resolutions. So, all you can expect is a user-friendly, beautiful website that is suitable for your business niches.

Key Features

  • It includes blogs and other default pages such as search, 404, archives, etc.
  • Allows you to replace the inner banners with videos, maps, forms, etc
  • Over 100 shortcodes plugins are equipped
  • It features 4 different header and footer variations

10. Ele Nature

Another fantastic WordPress that you can make use of your clinic website is Ele Nature. It is one of the most excellent health blog WordPress themes that will make your site appealing.

With a soothing organic look, the plugin perfectly defines your business criteria and grabs the attention of the consumers.

Apart from such an outstanding designation, its functionality is needed to be appreciated. Prioritizing the demands of the website holders, WordPress has developed it with an elementary page builder. Moreover, this plugin is highly customizable and it adapts the modifications efficiently.

Green Nature is easily accessible through all screen types. So, you can be totally assured of its convenient accessibility.

Key Features

  • It is attuned with numerous WooCommerce plugins
  • Offers you to tailor the background pages effortlessly
  • Allows you to include small images with Custom Head
  • Enables you to add over 7 images in a single slideshow

11. Natural Herbs

Just like the catchy name ‘Natural Herb’, this WordPress theme is another top-notch choice for implementing in your medical blog site. It is attractive, easily accessible, and most importantly highly customizable.

Moreover, Natural Herbs allows you to include the maximum number of widgets in the sidebar of your website.

Furthermore, to ease out the installation procedure, WordPress has added step by step documentation. The best part about this theme is that it is SEO-friendly and well-suited to the most recent version of WordPress and its plugins.

Due to its receptive manner, Nature Herb helps your customers to make a fast purchase decision, ensuring the profit of your business.

One more thing to consider about this theme is the presence of animated sections on its home page. Yes, you read absolutely right. You can include those sections according to your preference from the pages.

Key Features

  • Compatible with multilingual plugins such as Polylang, WPML, qTranslate X
  • Facilitates the users with free support for 1 year
  • It offers you to use over 2000 social icon fonts
  • Preloaded with achieves, search, blogs and other default pages like 404

12. SKT Dual

Lastly yet most importantly, you can use SKT dual to design your medical-related business website. The theme allows you to tailor it. Hence, you can get the opportunity to design your site the way you want!

SKT dual offers you with abundant choices of portfolio and gallery. Moreover, you can even change the color of the theme using the color pickers.

With it, you get over 100 types of shortcodes including testimonials, post-type boxes, feature-box, etc. It even allows you to integrate 580+ social media icons so that you can promote your business worldwide.

Key Features

  • Designed according to the latest WordPress standards
  • Includes all responsive features
  • Comes with an easy-to-use interface
  • Compatible with Woocommerce plugins

All these above-mentioned WordPress will help your cannabis website to acquire an extraordinary look!

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