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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of free girly WordPress theme

  • Free girly WordPress theme which is free and doesn’t require any sign up or cc to download
  • This theme is responsive and tested with various browsers for cross browser testing
  • Checked and passed Google mobile friendly test
  • Use of a single Google font which looks good for girls
  • Compatible with qTranslate X for multi lingual or multi language set up
  • Default slider consists of 5 slides
  • Standard pages like 404, search, category and archives pages present
  • Check changes real time using Customizer
  • Link color change capability added
  • No html knowledge needed to set up home and other pages
  • Documentation link included within theme
  • Use this theme on multiple domains
  • Blog sidebar is widget friendly
  • Compatible with nextgen gallery to set up gallery
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for E-commerce and shop
  • Compatible with WordPress latest versions starting 3.x to 4.x as it has been coded using handbook and codex reference coding standards of
  • Coded with HTML5 & CSS3

More About Free Girly WordPress Theme

SKT Girlie Lite is a free girly WordPress theme which has been designed and coded to cater to girly websites, feminine or girlish or women centric websites where we can have recipes or books for sale or have a nice blog. Lots of white space and fancy font style which girls might like.

Girlie lite also focusses on different sections on the homepage which show various things a girl can do right from beauty tips to salon styles to fashion tips.

It can be cooking and recipe sharing to writing interesting things on the blog. It can also be baby tips or parenting issues or wedding and art related talk.

The free girly WordPress theme has enough features to create a website. You can check the changes real time using customizer API and also change slides upto 5 and have the homepage set up within no time.

Also it has been coded with theme check plugin check and authenticity check to avoid any kind of security problems.

It comes with more features in Pro version which has gallery, shortcodes to layout your content the way you want it and need it. It has various button stylings, blog layouts of different types and as well as slider settings and pause time.

This free girly WordPress theme also has a nice good footer where you can share your social networking links and share about yourself and your contact info.

Our theme has been reviewed several times to be top notch free feminine WordPress template.

Females and feminine representation has been for long not present in perfect ratio as against male. In business and in working environment people have started accepting women for long and there percentage is quite considerable nowadays if not equal.

Similar in internet age and in online medium as well initially only males entered but now women businesses and feminine websites have started coming up nicely and their ratio also is considerable.

Any free girly WordPress theme should peculiarly showcase advance girly business features and feminine features as are required by women to successfully run their websites like blogging part or having nice layout with pages and having separate and individual pages which seem to be a nice idea for women business.

These are the common features which every women or free girly WordPress theme based website might need:

1. Blogging: Blogging features are needed by most women or feminine businesses as they are about fashion, lifestyle, recipe, food, kitchen, daily stuff, medicine, fitness etc. Hence they need to interact back with their readers as well as to whether they like the stuff that is being posted or not.

2. Sharing: Sharing icons and sharing buttons and sharing plugins need to be compatible with any free girly WordPress theme since blog alone cannot be sufficient but sharing also should be included with that.

3. Social icons and feed: Social icons can be added using font awesome based icons and their feed also can be added using various widgets in the sidebar.

4. Recipe, menu, gallery: Recipe section, menu section and gallery section are also important for any free girly WordPress theme as they most of the women businesses depend on them. Our theme gives perfect plugin compatibility for maximum workable solutions.

5. About us profile: About us profile is important because single independent mother or someone knowledgeable if is writing the blogs then the more knowledgeable person would gain more trust and hence author profile as well as about us profile under each blog post is essential which can be added using plugins and our feminine free WordPress theme is perfectly compatible with such plugins.

6. Page builder compatibility: Page builder plugins also can be added and a nice and easy page can be built using the builder plugins for inner pages which can serve as landing pages as well.

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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare