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Theme Features

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Features of Simple WordPress theme

  • Simple and super easy to use
  • Responsive which is essential feature nowadays
  • Tested with cross browsers all the popular ones
  • Compatibility tested with WooCommerce plugin for online shopping
  • Easiest theme options loaded up
  • 100+ shortcodes with usage instructions
  • Compatibility with other shortcodes plugin which also adds more than 100 shortcodes
  • Default slider with animation and pause time given and ability to replace with other sliders
  • Simple WordPress theme has lots of white space
  • Minimal in terms of color
  • Easy to change background and colors
  • Font changes easy and loaded up with Google fonts 600+ in number
  • 580+ font based icons are also integrated
  • Default portfolio and gallery section included
  • Compatible with other gallery plugins
  • Default contact form included and compatibility with contact form 7 plugin tested
  • Elegant styling
  • Ability to change inner page header image
  • Lots of blog and page template options
  • Widget friendly with sidebar, footer as well as header all widgetized
  • Fully documented for ease of use in times of confusion
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version and tested
  • Coded as per latest theme review standards and security standards

Simple WordPress theme is very easy to use with minimal styling template which has been designed and developed keeping in mind the ease of use and simple UI people need and desire for when looking for simple website templates.

This theme has been created keeping the simple nature of themes one wants for the first time users as well as for users who aren’t that tech savvy but desire to have a CMS website on their own.

Since its based on one gets all the plugins access and hundreds of plugins which can be used anytime to increase flexibility and scalability of this theme.

Several of those plugins are readily compliant and have been tested for plug and play feature. Simple websites not only let people use it but also give a mental satisfaction that they aren’t difficult to use and people can use it easily.

Most users are first time users and they feel afraid of breaking something or seem to be afraid of trying to use something which is new to them and they haven’t tried it before.

Hence we made this theme which doesn’t require any prior coding knowledge as well as is very easy to use and can be indifferently used by people who don’t have any HTML knowledge.

All they need is to check the documentation and follow the steps to get the site set up in no time.
Simplicity is the key in this theme where you have a default slider which loads itself up and all one needs to do is remove the default images and text and change them to their own images and own text.

Also the idea of having the whole homepage loaded up with features and sections is that people can easily go to appearance>theme options>sections and edit each of them one by one and get the site up and running without too many hassle or steps involved.

Also if one feels not to have certain elements or sections one can hide them easily by using the checkbox to hide the section.

Use of 580+ font based icons mean that not only social icons but if one needs icons to showcase something within the content itself can be done with ease.

Use of several page templates means that you have full control of the sidebar. So you need sidebar use the default template. You need a sidebar on the left use the left sidebar. And you don’t need sidebar use the full width template.

Similarly for the first time you can control the templates for blog as well as single post pages as well.

Isn’t it easy when your footer is fully widgetized. If you don’t need anything or need something else all you need to do is go to appearance>widgets and drag and drop another widget to replace the default one.

Similarly for the sidebar also it is fully widget friendly. So add as many widgets you want in the sidebar and have as many widgets displayed.

Also the blog sidebar is separately done and can hold different widgets.

Similarly header is also widget friendly. For ease of use we have included 600+ Google fonts into the theme so that it is simple and easy for users to just change to whatever font they would wish for.

So basically set up the typography of the site as per your liking.

Not just that we have also kept easy to use color pickers using which one can change background, text color as well as colors of the various elements of the website.

So basically this is a simple color changing theme.

This doesn’t end here. What use is a simple theme if its not secured hence we checked codes as per latest theme review standards and codex.

Also Included with every Simple WordPress theme

  1. Theme Files Theme files are included in the zip you get when purchased
  2. PSD Design Files Includes PSD format file so that in case you need any design changes first in order to modify the theme you can do so
  3. Sample Content Homepage content gets loaded default and rest of the content pages can be easily set up using documentation
  4. Support You will get login for our support forum and our email id and skype ID after purchase of a theme
  5. Free Installation You will get free installation if you request us to install the theme on your server with demo content

More info about Simple WordPress Themes

It’s an undeniable truth that the rapid growth of digital technology, social media networks and online marketing channels had a tremendous impact on how we live and act as a client or businessman. Today’s virtual world somehow forces any individual and business initiative to adapt to the new era of commercial and communication fields in order to be highly compatible and successful.

Thus having an online presence in the relevant digital platform is a must for all kinds of activities and undertakings. Establishing and organizing the structure, performance and appearance of such online profile is of similar importance in order to carry out all the foreseen plans and projects online.

WordPress which is popular and highly dependable content creation and management ecosystem is specialized in developing and launching truly powerful, interesting and convenient layouts compactly arranged in diverse categories to give you great control over the content and structure of your future website.

The core advantages of WordPress-based templates have been repeatedly pointed out. And one of them is its total simplicity. It means that WordPress modern community professionally combines simplicity for the website admins, users and representatives with deep complexity for the theme developers. This working approach makes the themes flexible, adaptable and highly intuitive in performance, management and customization while still being easy to use, fast and lightweight.

A typical example of simplicity, easy to follow and understand template is this Simple WordPress theme. This modern and powerful, yet easy to use and lightweight, clean and simple WordPress theme has been easily installed by thousands of people due to its open source nature and has served as the best solution for the websites of diverse descriptions and purposes.
This simple and smart system to run and operate provides its users not only with a simplified installation process. The truth is that all the further customization and management procedures also cost minimum efforts and financial means in order to better the website look and feel pursuant to any set objectives.

With this conceptually strong, visually elegant and clean, functionally resilient and structurally durable simple WordPress theme you don’t have to prioritize all your actions in relation to your website beforehand. The adaptive and amazingly versatile character of this template will let you take the initial basic steps for the start, and then add auxiliary features and extend the overall functionality with the help of diverse extensions whenever needed.

This WordPress compatible tool is beneficial also from a financial standpoint, since it is cost-conscious, thus being highly desirable for small or medium sized businesses and an average person operating and working on a limited budget. Apart from its acquisition, further control and maintenance processes of the website can be realized without any additional help of professionals and WordPress specialists.

The reason for this is intuitive and comfortable admin panel, which is friendly towards beginners and non-professionals within programming and design.
Whether you are going to start any new online project or just want to update your previous site and personalize it to give a new freshness and colors, Simple will be ideal for you. Generally speaking, this top – rated and premium – quality website builder comes ready to deliver exceptional product in the face of totally challenging and modernly created websites.

In case you want to make a reasonable choice and start to embark on the interesting and powerful, yet low-cost and accessible journey, this simple WordPress theme will be able to meet all your perspectives and wishes. What is important is that this theme does not necessarily require high-level programmers or designers to deal with the basic setup and further customization of its theme. It has been considered to meet the average abilities and experience of the mass market representatives.

This white-dominant and nice-looking, user and developer – optimized product comes integrated with the easiest theme options and element to use, more than 100 shortcodes inclusion to create special kind of content, blog and page template options, as well as lots of Google fonts and useful icons.

It features homepage slider with available animation effects, pause time and other controllable elements to enjoy when showcasing your images. One can even add some other slider and exercise other functional possibilities as well.

Based on the minimalistic design and styling trends and in compliance with all the current security and high-quality performance standards, this simple WordPress theme generates widget-friendly areas, such as footer, header and sidebar to pack with the most relevant content, features and posts, social media links to follow your updates also through social media fields, etc.

Since simplicity was the main principle, which the authors of this theme did their best to ensure in order to make it so popular and advisable, this characteristic feature is right there in all the website manifestations, be it a content publishing, customization, add or removal or update. Even plugin compatibility of the theme is quite simple to exercise and better the website functional abilities. There is a wide range of useful and practical plugins, which can be added to the theme within a short timespan. Among them are WooCommerce plugins for establishing any online store and realizing commercial activities across the networking system, as well shortcodes plugins for the easier content setup possibilities.

In case you deal with portfolio or image-based websites, you can install gallery plugins for the gallery and image optimization. Simple is also well optimized for Contact Form 7 popular plugin.
Responsiveness, mobile-friendliness and cross-browser compatibility have been the focus of the dedicated developers and experts working on this super easy, yet all-inclusive simple WordPress theme. All the essential shades of mobile and device-optimized template are wrapped up in this amazing template.

By the application of this smart template, you can be sure that you’ll have a compactly created responsive design solution for your web content to look stunningly on all the mobiles, tablets and everything in between. It will readily and smoothly respond to the dimensions of the user’s screen and provide the best mobile user experience both with available and future devices.

Why consider Simple WordPress Themes for your website?

Many people do not like confusing or cluttered websites and hence they want to have a simple and hassle free working of their websites.

Hence they prefer simple and simplistic approach to everything they do in their life and want to experience the same when they handle their website backend as well as front end.

As far as backend is concerned WordPress CMS is one of the most simplest CMS in the world and hence has most popularity among users because it has a very less learning curve and can be handled by even novice and first time users.

Now here we are talking about why we should consider simple WordPress themes?

Well the answer is obvious because people prefer them and first time users definitely want something simple to start on before moving to more advanced themes.

Simple WordPress theme characteristics should be:

1. Really simple to Use: People of course want something simple for their first websites and hence the user experience should be really simple with really simple user navigation tabs on the top of the menu and simple click to call buttons for phone or email.

Should have simple forms to contact or book for appointments. Simple clutter free design and explained info in plain white. This kind of option should work best in simple WordPress themes.

2. Simple dashboard for options: Simple dashboard in the backend for theme options and for showing how to change fonts, colors, and data should be given in respective heads so that people do not get confused and keep on searching and looking for how to do stuff here and there. This will only lead to frustration.

3. Simple to understand manual: Manuals are a great way to get yourself started and avoid the initial hiccups and pains when dealing with themes the first time. Manuals are a great way to provide step by step direction to users to have a peace of mind and settle up their themes in no time following specific instructions related to the theme.

4. Simple options for front end: Simple options for front end like simple navigation, big buttons for call to action, simple form to fill for bookings and social media etc visible are better for generating sales and leads on a website.

5. Works out of the box for mobile and other devices: User shouldn’t be asked to configure much in this and the simple WordPress theme should work out of the box and look exactly like demo without doing or configuring much. Also they should work fine in mobile devices and other hand held devices and browsers so users aren’t worried about those factors either.

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Change Log

  1. Updated December 2023
  2. Working With Latest WordPress Version
  3. Updated Google fonts for GDPR and Other Country Privacy
  4. Updated to work with PHP 8+
  5. Updated to work with at least one page builder (Elementor, Gutenberg or SKT Builder)
  6. Compatible with popular plugins of SEO, contact form and WooCommerce
  7. Updated performance to work with popular cache plugins and Cloudflare